Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Fibromyalgia Feels Like to Me Today

like i can't breathe

like someone took a million needles and pricked me all over my body

like i've been slamming myself into a brick wall


mind-numbingly blinding pain

freakishly off-balance

i want to scream it hurts so bad

my back feels like i rolled it along a row of charcoal and knives

i chew gum to help numb my mind of the pain and distract me

i listen to music on my headphones at my desk to help dull the pain in my ears

ironic because too much gum or too much music makes both worse

my feet. ohhhh my feet. yowsers.

my left hip. my right toes. my joints. my muscles. my nerves. ugh.

thankful i can walk today. not sure how i'm doing any of this.

only by the grace of God go i


Deb said...

I'm so sorry you are miserable today. I hope tomorrow is better.

Carol said...

Hi Rochelle, I'm sorry you are having a bad day. I hope it passes soon for you. You described a flare very well and, yes, without God's grace and love, it would be a pretty tough road. He gives us the strength we need to cope during the flares.

Can you pinpoint what triggered it?


Christina T said...

Very sad to hear it was a painful day for you. Praying that you have a good night and a much better day tomorrow.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I hope you are feeling better today Rochelle. I totally understand...Fibro sucks the life out of us. The pain is indescribeable. Im proud of you for still working....I dont think I could do that.
Hang in there....Im praying for you!!

Jacqueline said...

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