Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Weekend

Tim's brother Paul, and his wife Becca, hosted a party yesterday. It was a combined birthday party for Becca's second child from her first marriage and for Paul. It was also an end of summer celebration. We had a lot of fun, but also got quite exhausted! Tim thinks he pulled both his hamstrings, and I am of course, in a lot of pain. But it was great and we're really glad we both went. Here are some highlights:

Becca (sis-in-law) & her friend Dana with Dana's two kids
Paul grilled the entire afternoon - he did a great job!
Tim's sister Kandy with niece Natalie (3 months)
Tim with Natalie... he's a natural :)
Tim & Sam playing Baggo

Kandy & niece Hayley
Me with Natalie... I could hold her all day!
Hayley enjoyed the attention :)
Kandy & Tim being silly
The cake was adorable!

It was a lot of fun. Then today we went to church and served at the Walk in the Word counter. It was a great morning of celebration. Officially this past Thursday our church turned 20. It's amazing to see how much God has done in 20 years. He's so faithful!! Then we did some grocery shopping... I love it so much when Tim is with me and I don't have to do it on my own. I DREAD it! Then we came home and watched the Bears lose their game. Tragic. Now we've been relaxing and taking it easy. Next weekend, we travel to Quincy where I grew up to visit friends, family, and for me to go to an old high school friend's bridal shower. I'm sure it'll be a great weekend, but we are savoring this time right now to catch up on some rest!

Take care and I hope you all have a blessed week!

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momtofive07 said...

Sounds like a great weekend, great pics too!