Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Chiro Appt # 4

Last night I had my 4th chiropractor appt with this new guy. It was interesting, like always. Tim in his very sweet ways left work early to drive me there. I was very thankful, especially since last week’s two trips there (which doubles my commute each time) had left me utterly exhausted, and since yesterday was cold, dark, and rainy. The time change and weather shift didn’t help much either. Since developing Fibro, I’ve been much more sensitive to these sorts of environmental changes, and it was a relief to hear the chiropractor’s assistant discuss how much it affects her too. She has Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (they usually go together) and has seen significant relief since starting with this chiro a couple years ago. It’s always really nice to talk to her, and to also be able to talk to a doctor who has 20+ years of experience with Fibro. Last night when I asked some questions about how I’d been feeling, it was nice to hear that it’s normal for Fibro patients. Getting these sorts of questions answered and talking to people regularly with experience is the absolute best part of this and makes it worth it.

Last week he moved my stomach. So this week I had to ask some more questions about that, and to make sure all the pain was ‘normal’. For someone in my condition, it is. Whew. This chiro has some weird knowledge I’ve never seen before and can figure out what part of my body is crying out for help by using either a leg-length test or a reflex test. It’s very weird. It’s very unique. It’s interesting. In Tim’s words it’s a little coo-coo. But I have no doubt it’s real. He figured out last week that my stomach/digestion system needed some work. Yesterday it was my lungs/respiratory system. We talked about oxygen and how Fibro patients don’t get enough oxygen to their cells, get sick more often and it lasts longer, etc. So on the definite plus side, the treatment he gave last night helps fight infection. Since Tim and multiple coworkers have been sick for the past week, I’ve been hoping and praying that I wouldn’t catch it… and doing everything in my power to try to prevent it. I leave for Rhode Island a week from yesterday, and just cannot get sick. So I’m definitely hopeful now after last night’s treatment that I won’t catch it! They used lasers for the treatment which helps excite the cells in your body toward that specific organ to trigger them to pay attention to that organ and work on the issue. It’s really weird to just watch lasers going across your body and think “are you serious? You think this is helping? It just looks like I’m a book at the library getting scanned in!” Weird, for sure. But after a couple minutes I really started feeling the effects!! And it was PAINFUL in some areas I wouldn’t have expected. It made my left part of my neck really hurt and I could feel it every time the laser passed over that area. Coo-coo. But I’m feeling better today, despite dealing with some weird pain, tingling, twitching, and muscle spasms in more areas and more frequently than usual. But that’s okay… if this helps me get better I’m all for it!! We just have to wait and see.

Now the hard part is my travel schedule in Nov and Dec, and somehow trying to find a way to get down there for appointments in the craziness of it all.

That’s the latest…

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