Wednesday, December 17, 2008

16 Random Things

I've seen this start going around on Facebook, and I thought it'd be fun to do a post on my blog instead.

So here are 16 Random Things about myself:

1. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

2. I am obsessed with Chinese food. The not authentic stuff.

3. I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals of all kinds, and am now scared of any of them. Unless securely behind a fence. I grew up in an old house that often found mice, crickets, roaches, ants, spiders, and snakes inside of it. Now those things make me cringe. I can handle killing them, but would really prefer not to. Sometimes I act like a wimp when my hubby is around so he will save me from them.

4. I can go from being introverted to extroverted in mere seconds, depending on the situation or if I feel vulnerable.

5. I am a total mess-freak. I love to be organized and detailed, but I also love to just let things fall in my house where they may when I don't feel well or am just having one of those days. I love that Tim is so great about it.

6. I am pathetically in love with Pepsi.

7. I am a very, very picky eater.

8. I'm a total hypochondriac sometimes, depending on the situation. If someone starts describing their illness or someone else's in detail, I start to get scared that maybe that will happen to me and later end up insisting that my doctor check me for it. Now my doctor just laughs at me. Perhaps that's why dealing with the Fibro with her has been so difficult (and no, this is not one that I'm making up or imagining)!

9. I am very passionate about my church. Probably overly so. I just think it's one of my favorite places in the whole world.

10. I'm incredibly sensitive, but can manage to wait usually until I'm on my own before I ball like a baby. Depending on the closeness to that person, I usually don't tell them because I know it's my job to just get over it.

11. I have panic attacks, and anxiety meds in my purse.

12. I'm a psycho planner. I LOVE event planning and HATE how stressed I let myself get.

13. I cannot stand the smell of coffee brewing or it on people's breath.

14. I love chocolate. But just certain kinds of chocolate. I do not like it filled with weird stuff like raspberry, orange, nuts (unless peanuts or almonds sometimes), or coconut. Gag. Why ruin it?

15. I love to be around family. And their babies. And their kids. And family. Give me more family. Love it!

16. I love traveling but hate the getting there part.

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