Monday, January 19, 2009

I love, love, love event planning...

...but it doesn't always love me.

Before fibro, I loved event planning immensely. Helping people on a special day means a lot to me. But now, it's a bit more difficult and sometimes so incredibly painful that the planning becomes almost impossible. I haven't quite figured out a way around this, except to just slowly back away from doing as much event planning as I did previously.

That makes me sad, but I'm not sure how else to handle it for now. The hardest is wedding planning on the day of the actual wedding. I haven't done one since I have fibro, and since I know that even without it, it was utterly exhausting, I doubt I'd be able to handle it as well. But I hope to give it a try someday, and be successful at it.

With that said... I'm so excited to share with you a website called Moments of Elegance. I found it through one of my favorite new blogs 30 Days Homemade.

Please go check out both sites! They have phenomenal stuff, and I'm really excited about it... I hope you are too. And especially if you're planning an upcoming event, definitely check out Moments of Elegance!!

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