Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday

Today's post is going to be based on some of my favorite things in my house. Enjoy!

1. I like (LOVE) this painting by David LaPlaca, one of the previous art director's I had the privilege to work with. When he left, he gave me this painting (it's on canvas) for free! He wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, and I somewhat hesitantly asked for it. I was soooo excited when he graciously handed it over to me and then offered to sign the back of it! I love... love... love it!! It's on the wall between our front door and front window, behind our desk. We aren't designers, we just put stuff up where we want to put it and think it looks good. It doesn't match anything... but we don't care.

2. I like all the pictures of family and friends we're able to have up throughout our home, whether in frames we received as gifts, or put on top of shelves we got at IKEA and stained a few years ago... it's nice to have them all over the place. And these are just a few of the places, there are much more! I just love it!

3. I like gifts from the heart. Really sweet homemade gifts or engraved gifts that we got for our wedding. One is an engraved piece that has a protuding cross on it, with our names and wedding date on it.

4. Baskets that help you get organized. I love these! I have them for magazines to read, newspapers, coupons, books to read, and bills to shred. It has really helped cut down on the horrible cluttered appearance of our house. I still have a lot to do, but these sure are helpful!

5. The china cabinet and dishes we got earlier this year. They have very special, unique meaning. The china cabinet was Jerry & Wilma's (my now stepdad & his first wife who died a couple years ago). But when they were dating/engaged, my mom decided it would be too difficult to keep all of Wilma's things in the house (can you blame her?). So we ended up getting this lovely china cabinet. Then mom decided she also shouldn't keep anything of hers & my dads (divorced). So we ended up with those too! How unique... we have a cabinet from Jerry's first marriage, and the china from mom's first marriage. I feel blessed to have these items, and it's a neat reminder of God's sovereignty and grace.

Have a great Tuesday!! Happy Presidential Inauguration Day!!
(If you can, watch on www.cnn.com/live)

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