Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

I've joined in with Organizing Junkie to share my menu that I've planned for the week. As a part of my lifestyle change, this is going to be super important. It will help lessen my desire to eat out as well, as I plan things in advance.

Mon: Pork chops, and Green Giant frozen mix of potatoes and green beans with rosemary (so yummy, and it's steamed in the micro... easy and healthy!!) - the pork chops are a recipe a friend gave to me in a wedding gift (with spices, tools, and recipes in a basket - it was a great idea!!)

Tues: Leftovers (we have so many right now, I'm not sure how we're going to get rid of them all before our trip this weekend!)

Wed: Shepherd's Pie (Tim's mom's recipe, includes beef, mixed veggies, and potatoes)

Thurs: Breakfast of mini-pancakes with frozen strawberries, sausages, and cinnamon rolls

Fri: Sandwiches for our trip to Indiana. We'll be there through Tues morning helping my brother and sister-in-law pack and prep for their upcoming move. (So that of course means Sat-Tues the menu is up to my sister-in-law.)

Happy Menu-Planning Monday!

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