Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prayers for Hubster

Please pray for my beloved husband. He's had two visits to convenient care this past week, with lots of tests but no conclusive results.

Tonight's visit was pretty scary... he nearly passed out when they drew his blood. He's been on a liquid diet but hadn't drank anything in hours. So he was dehydrated. And they had trouble getting the needle in. It was right at that moment he turned a sheet of white and had to lay down. He was whiter than I'd ever seen him, had broken into a sweat, the doc came in and checked his BP which had dipped, and she remarked that he looked like he was definitely going to pass out. She kept shaking him to check and make sure he was still with us. Eventually someone got him a cold cloth for his head, and later got him some apple juice and then some water to sip. They were so great.

I'm very thankful for this great doctor at convenient care who was so gentle, patient, loving, caring, and funny. :) It was so nice to have such a good doctor after both of us have battled with our regular docs so much. The nurses weren't very nice or happy (but I'm sure it had been a long day - they were an hour past closing by the time we left) but the doctor was super nice and gracious.

I'm also very glad I was there with him!! (I almost wasn't.)

Thank you Lord for watching over us, keeping us in your hands, and please heal Tim if that be your will. Please help the doctors to know what's wrong so we can work to improve his health. Amen.

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