Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Day in History *Edited to Add*

I felt torn emotionally today. It's an exciting day to me in the sense of history... and a sad day in the sense that I will miss President Bush, his faith, his determination, his godliness, his sincerity, and his values. (I won't miss his lack of good speech-giving skills!)

I didn't vote for Obama, nor do I have high hopes for him to keep his word and succeed. Given that I differ from him on nearly everything, that's probably a plus for me. I think time will tell... but I believe that he went into the presidency with a blind eye, and now that he's aware of the national security and everything President Bush was aware of, he's already started backing out a bit on his word. I'm not surprised at all. I think he thought it was going to be easier than it is.

Not that I know for sure... just my two cents....

Despite our disagreements, I will respect him. I will pray for him. I will hold him to the highest possible esteem, because of his position.

I feel so incredibly thankful and blessed to live in this great country... so free.

I am proud to be an American.

I watched/listened to whatever I could today... it was amazing to be a part of it. Not just for the historic value. But also in part to be sentimental with President Bush as he went through the memorable moments of his last exit from the White House, his last trip down the White House lane in a motorcade, his last this... his last that. I got all teary-eyed!! I know it's been a difficult 8 years, but how could it not have been with everything our country has faced since 9/11?!?!

I mean, come on, no president is going to be perfect. I hate that we unrealistically expect it each time power switches in 4-8 years. I sure wouldn't want that job!

Did any of you see on Dr. Phil the pictures of what President Bush looked like 8 years ago, and how he looks now? They showed a sketch of what President Obama may look like in 8 years (if he goes on to a second term). Wow! The weight of the world on your shoulders ages you prematurely, for sure.

I'm thankful for the smooth transition of power today. I think that in itself is huge, given what so many other countries face.

I'm thankful for the graciousness now former President Bush showed now current President Obama. Everyone seemed so kind and gracious, politics aside, this was a great day to be an American.


*Edited to Add: Yes, I definitely agree we have to keep our focus on God. Thank you Susan for this reminder!
"Thank you Lord for this great nation! We pray for our new president, that you would uphold him, keep him safe, guide him, give him wisdom, and bless his family. Please grab hold of him that he might lead our country in your will... for your glory alone. Amen."

I love what Governor Mike Huckabee says here. - please read it! I respect him immensely and so appreciate what he says here. I also think you should check this out.*

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Susan said...

Yes, there are many things at stake now...

But we must keep our focus on the Lord.

He knew this day would come.

I will miss President Bush too!!


blueviolet said...

Very well said. I just trust that God puts things in place the way he wants them to. Some things are just too big for me. I can only handle my little piece of the world and I can't even do that without him. :)