Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Writer's Workshop

I am very excited about this week's writer's workshop assignment.

1) My most memorable blind date isn't because it was that great, it's because it was that bad. Oh. my. word. Awful. Really. awful. We had this thing in college where you'd set a blind date up with another person on your dorm wing. (I think we drew names or something but I don't remember for sure.) Then we all went together on this large group date excursion. This particular time it was to a large haunted house in a city near us. Dumbest. idea. ever.

Who goes to a haunted house even with the love of their life?

Well, maybe in that case it makes sense.

But never go with a blind date. I was so incredibly terrified the whole time I kept jumping, screaming, and on occasion clinging to my blind date who was less than thrilled. He thought the entire night was really stupid and nothing freaked him out. Come on, I know it's not real, but when there are real people in scary masks, makeup, or costumes jumping out of dark corners and grabbing at you from fake prison bars in spooky lighting and with haunted music in the background, it's scary!!

Finally when we were on this ridiculous elevator thing that was actually really terrifying too, I hugged my date who quickly pushed me away and told me that wasn't cool.

Oh boy. Whoever it was that picked my blind date didn't know me very well. I was a bit miffed that whoever chose him didn't realize how totally uncool I was and that putting me together with someone who had to be cool was as dumb of an idea as the haunted house thing.

I haven't been in a haunted house since. I will never go back. Never.

Good thing I married a guy against every ounce of Halloween and I will never even have to worry about him trying to entice me to go back to one.


2) I'd love to tell about the birth of my child as a joyous moment, but since it's not allowed, and since I haven't had kids yet, I suppose I better pick something else.


My dad took me to a father/daughter dance for Valentine's Day when I was younger (I think 5th grade perhaps). I got to dance the night away with my daddy. I wore a pink and white striped dress, was fairly chubby at that stage in my life (thinned out by 7th grade and blew up after I got married ;)), and was totally 100% my daddy's girl.

I don't know where it is, but I remember a picture from that dance of my dad & I together. Every time I've seen it, it brings back only good memories.

It was a very special night, even though I can hardly recall it in detail. I remember the church it was at near us. I remember what I wore (probably because of that picture). And I remember loving every second with my daddy on a memorable evening.

*Oh to be young again*

3) One of the most difficult decisions I've made in my life was to make the leap from my first job out of college to my second job. Boy was I terrified of that change.

It was harder than my decision to apply for a job in downtown Chicago just out of college.

It was harder than my first day going to that job in Chicago. Remember... country, farm girl here.

It was harder than applying for other jobs to get me out of there and closer to home.

The actual interviewing, later accepting, leaving, meeting new people, and getting trained at a new job were all utterly terrifying to me.

Even though they were in the quiet suburbs. Even though I was applying to work at a book publisher, and all I'd ever wanted to do since I was a kid was be a writer.

(Which has since changed... now I edit. How ironic...)

But I'm very glad I made that leap, and am happy (despite its ups & downs over the years) to still be here 7 1/2 years later.

Definitely a difficult decision, but also definitely the right one. I have no regrets...

...except 2 1/2 years later buying a house that would put us a 45 minute drive away from my work and a 1 hour drive away from his work. Just to get more house for less money. And to be closer to church. We're at our church 1-2 times a week... wouldn't a 45 minute drive there 1-2 times a week be better than twice a weekday?

And we were thinking... um, what...?

Some of our most difficult decisions can be some of the best decisions we've made in our lives. Sometimes our quicker, more "in the moment" decisions can be the dumbest.

Don't ya think?

4) The best picture I took last month would definitely be this picture of my nieces (my only sibling... my brother Tim's kids... yes his name is Tim too... I know how to pick 'em huh?!).

Anyway, Olivia & Cayley are in the new outfits we bought them for Christmas... hanging out in my mom & Jerry's kitchen. No, Olivia isn't strangling Cayley, but since it kinda looks that way I think it adds to the picture. :) Cayley is so sweet to just go along with it. Olivia is actually just trying to hug her and make the picture sweet, but in so doing she's practically choking her.

Aren't they just the cutest?!?!?! :)

Okay maybe I'm a little biased... but really, how could you not love those adorable little faces?!?!


karen m. (akaliz) said...

i loved reading your stories. i'm sorry to hear about you and your dad though. it's nice to have those memories to hold on to, however.

i was the youngest of four, by a lot, and i didn't get to have too many father/daughter moments with my dad, but the ones i remember i hold close as he was such a wonderful person.

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were scared and wanting a hug and he pushed you away...he didn't even deserve you.

The Christmas outfits are adorable! Cute girls!

When we were in the burbs, our house was in Schaumburg. Whereabouts are you?