Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday - Green Edition

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Welcome to my "Things I Like Tuesday" Green Edition
(in honor of St. Patrick's Day). This is long overdue!
[For those new to my blog,
this is a way to help keep a positive
spin on Tuesdays, and life in general.]

Twirling your fingers in it
Sitting in it on a beautiful summer day
Smelling it after it's freshly mowed (even though it drives my allergies nuts)
Getting grass stains cuz it means you had a lot of fun

Green Beans
Brings back good memories of sitting in grandparents yard,
picking and sorting them with family
Smelling and tasting them after being freshly picked
Love them with Chinese food
Love them as a side with so many things

Need I say more?
I don't love it... I'm not obsessed with it
But it is nice to have so we can live

Chicago River
Getting dyed green
I've never had a chance to see it done in person,
despite only being an hour away
That is my goal one year soon...
to see this happening in person
Someone take me with you!!

Green clothes
I've always loved this part
But don't have a picture for it

We never had any traditions for St. Patrick's Day growing up, despite a little bit of Irish heritage, but the one that we did have, as well as everyone I knew... was to pinch whoever forgot to wear green that day! It was always such fun!! The worst though was when you pinched someone who actually WAS wearing green but hiding it (like green socks) so they got to pinch you back even harder. Ach!! But otherwise we didn't do any of the traditional stuff... at least not that I can remember.

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4. About.com, courtesy of Getty Images
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