Sunday, March 29, 2009

Re-Evaluating & New Blog

I've been re-evaluating some things this weekend... thinking through what I do on my blogs and how much time I spend on them.

Despite the extra work it took initially, I've decided to create another blog for my photography attempts. I'm not pretending to be anywhere near professional or even amateur. I'm completely a beginner, just wanting to share my new love of photography through God's wonderful creation and all its beauty.

I am excited about this blog and its potential. It will also free up space on this blog. I will even post my personal pictures on this other blog (with links and alerts here), allowing more freedom to keep this blog dedicated to more details about Fibromyalgia and me personally. The only things I think I will continue to keep here are "Things I Like Tuesdays" and "Fabulous Fridays". They allow this blog to help me shed light on Fibro while also keeping a positive spin. I will also likely keep any pictures here of things specifically related to Fibro. I'm not sure how this is all going to play out, and there will likely be adjustments along the way... but for now at least, I'm very excited about this new adventure!

Now that I finally have it set up, please go check it out here: Creation's Beauty. And be sure to let me know what you think! :) Thanks!!


blueviolet said...

Well, now I'm confused. Which is going to be your main blog? I followed this one. Is that the wrong one to follow?

Rochelle said...

This one (Learning to Trust) is my main blog. I currently have 3 blogs and you can follow any of them just by typing the address into your dashboard, or by going to the blog you want to follow and going to the "Follow Me" section.

This is my main blog will I will continue to post the latest info about what's going on with me, fibro, etc. My weight loss blog will keep people updated on my weight loss (or lately, lack thereof). And my photography blog will show all my latest pics. Each one will give you an update on me, just in different ways. Feel free to follow whichever you want... none or all of them.

But hey, so sorry about the confusion. :(