Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hubster's Surprises

Hubster has been full of surprises the past couple days, and I'm loving it. Remember I go ga-ga for this stuff, right?

Friday night I came home to a bouquet of pink roses, McDonald's for dinner, a bag of baked Cheetos, and season 2 of Chuck on DVD.

Despite that I shouldn't have had that food, I immensely appreciated Tim surprising me with all this stuff. Our workout Friday night was mega intense and I could barely move afterward. It was ubber helpful to not have to worry about anything else that night. And to have hubster pursuing me and loving on me!

Side note: I gave up the disgusting Cheetos later, I mean really, you can't bake Cheetos they just are not at all the same!, but I'm thankful for Tim's help in getting me to snack healthier. If you have to have chips, it's better to have the baked ones for sure! And I do really like them... just not the Cheetos kind. Now we know. ;)

Our DVD players haven't been working well at all. We have a DVD/VHS player from years and years ago, then dad got us a DVR a few years back for Christmas that also played DVD's. Both have stopped regularly playing DVD's. So we found ourselves pretty frustrated. Friday night we couldn't get anything to play and were at our wit's end.

Then yesterday {Saturday} Tim went to Wal-Mart while I was still sleeping to get us a new DVD player. Instead, he compared pricing and ultimately decided on getting a Blu-Ray player instead.

SUH-WEET! Quite a surprise, but really nifty and exciting. And at least we can watch DVD's again! :) All of that was great. But what truly made my weekend was the thoughtfulness and generosity behind everything my husband did for me. I am truly blessed and thankful for his partnership in this crazy life together. And despite the problems and difficulties we face, I love him dearly. I've known Tim now for 12 years this month. Wow. It's hard to believe how far we've come and what all we've endured since we first met.

Thank you, honey, for loving me despite myself!

Tim setting up the Blu-Ray and taking out the DVD/VCR player
 ...and After
The box :)
 Ta da!

 Thank you honey. I look forward to sharing many more adventures with you! Both in real life and on the screen via our new toy!! 


blueviolet said...

You are a lucky lady and very loved!!! Both from the hubs and from us in blog world!

Rochelle said...

awww thanks :)

Christina T said...

What a sweet and thoughtful surprise! I hope you enjoy the new Blu-ray player too. Did you get through all the DVDs yet?

Healthy snacks aren't always tasty snacks but at least you tried, right? I can't imagine how anyone can make Cheetos healthy anyway :) I once tried to eat fat free brownies made with yogurt. At first I thought I liked them and I got my family to try it (of course Reneta hated them) but the texture of the "brownie" was all wrong, plus it was much more expensive than regular brownie mix. Now I just indulge in regular brownies every once in awhile.

DebV said...

What a wonderful surprise! The roses are beautiful. I love Cheetos too but agree about the baked ones..McDonald fries are my favorite fries and to be able to go out for dinner and not have to cook is the best. What would have been extra special was chocolate to top it all off. ;D

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Awesome! Sounds like you have a keeper!!

Rochelle said...

thanks for the comment love peeps, I needed the picker-upper :)