Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couscous Is My Friend...

... but not hubster's! :(

I made a second attempt last night to get hubster to like couscous.

It failed.

 But at least the Panda Express Mandarin Sauce'd pork chops were a hit!

{Purchased at my local Panda, but I've also seen them in the sauces section of our local grocery store}


This was part couscous, part Green Giant Steamed mixed veggies, and pork chops. I marinated the chops for about 20 minutes, and cooked for 30 minutes in a 400° oven {they were thick}. They were tender and juicy and very flavorful! Tim & I both love the Mandarin Sauce, and we know now it works on a variety of dishes! We've also had it on salmon and lovedddd it!

So okay, probably healthier if I made my own sauce. I don't care. It's super good. And I'm not that good or creative in the kitchen! What you don't like seeing pictures of my boxes and prepared sauces? Bummer. But, oh well, I don't pretend to be amazing. I take the shortcuts where I can get them. :)


Christina T said...

I love couscous! My mom has made it a couple of times and I've also had it at a Moroccan restaurant before. Very good. Tim doesn't know what he is missing!

Christina T said...

You have an award on my blog. :)

Eileen C. De Vera said...

Why make it difficult when there is an easy way?! Right? Somethimes cooking is just not for, some people mix and matches whatever there is in the kitchen and comes out terrific, but some times its completely opposite. Cheers to products that are extra helpful for us not so kitchen gifted lol