Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spectacular Saturday

Okay, so maybe I've overdone it with the adjectives for days of the week, but it's fun and I'm pretty lame at coming up with good titles. :)

Yesterday really was spectacular! The sun was bright and shiny. It was in the mid-40s but in the sun felt more like mid-60s. We slept in a little, lounged around, and then I got ready to go to a Pampered Chef party hosted by a coworker/friend and whose consultant is her sister-in-law and also someone I serve together with at church {small world!}. It was a really fun, relaxing, exciting party full of good food, good conversation, lots of laughs, and lots of ordering cool gadgets.

I came home and got to see my croci poking out of my garden, woohoo!!


Then I decided to vacuum out my car. Last week was that video promo shoot I had at work where I transported a Christmas tree in the back of my car, so it was a nice mess of pine needles. Plus it was a nice day, a good excuse to clean the rest of my car and sort through my CDs.


Ahhh. Looks so much better! And today it's sitting in the driveway in hopes that the rain will help wash it clean. :) 

After cleaning the car, I got to read my book a little and then we headed out to church. We normally go on Sunday mornings, but this time just thought it would work out better to go last night. And I'm sooo glad we did! We got to see some friends we otherwise don't get to see too often. Then we went out to dinner and walking around the mall a bit. We strolled through Barnes & Noble, and hubby bought a book!!!! Trust me, this is huge! He never buys books, much less reads them. They just aren't his thing. So the fact that he's reading this one is a pretty big deal. I have no idea what's in it, but you can hear him talk about it a little more here.

Then we walked into Sears. And let me tell you, I wasn't too sure I wanted to be there except that it meant some more time talking and browsing with hubster. See, I was invited to a Ladies Only Oscars Party... with formal dress. I wanted to go and was really excited initially because I'd never been to anything like this, much less invited to anything like it. But then suddenly it dawned on me I didn't have anything at all that I could wear. All bridesmaids dresses I've worn before I have since most assuredly outgrew. I have nice dresses I guess but not really anything formal. So then I decided there was no way I was going. I've been feeling really, really down on myself. I've only felt fat, ugly, and like a big cow for the past month. There was no way I was going to allow myself to go into a party where there'd be beautiful, skinny women so that I could feel even worse about myself. But Tim was convinced that I'd enjoy it, and should at least try to find a dress. I was convinced it wouldn't be possible or it'd cost a fortune. He won me over, but still even as we walked into Sears last night I was absolutely certain we wouldn't find anything. They closed in 15 minutes. We had to move quickly. Lots of clearance racks. Lots of sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Even some 16s. 

And then there it was. My size. And an absolutely hideous dress that would have made me look even more ridiculous than I feel. As I was about to turn and tell Tim we were leaving, I saw it. 

When I lifted it off the rack I gasped. Loudly. 

"Um, hon, I thinkkk I found it!!!!" I hollered out to him in sheer disbelief. As I held it up to myself to see what he thought, he grinned and told me it was beautiful. 

Then we had to act fast. 5 minutes to closing. No time to try it on. We went to the counter and bought it. I was practically shaking with a mixture of excitement, disbelief, and still the thought that I would look ridiculous and couldn't possibly try to compare to the other ladies there.

But alas, I have a dress. I don't have shoes or a hairdo or jewelry to go with it, but I have a dress. It fits. It's beautiful. I hope I look decent in it. I'm feeling nervous. And excited. I think I need an event like this. Just women. Talking. Laughing. Enjoying the Oscars. 

And I'm so utterly thankful for my husband, his encouragement, his wonderful loving words about me in the dress, and now I can't wait to see what the evening brings!!

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Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Way to go, HUBBY! I love when God uses them to meet our needs like that. Awwww...xoxo

And, you SO need to post pics and do a post about your party. I need to host a party like that next year. Sounds SO fun!

So, get to the 'Perfect Party' post...I like your title's, ha ha.