Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's and Other Stuff

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Today is actually so much more than that to me.

It's my Grandpa's 90th Birthday. 

HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! You are the head of our family, highly respected and admired, a man full of integrity, one of the godliest men I know, you have a wonderful sense of humor, you always came up with the best April Fool's pranks for the family {you still cannot fool him but he sure can fool us!}, and you were a wonderful husband to Grandma...I know she just adored you. Thanks for everything you've ever done for our family. For all that you gave for mom and for us when we had some really tough times. The ways you always opened up your home and your arms to us, no matter what. Capture the flag. Farming. Tractors. Fields. Hay bales. Lawn mowers. Horses. Cows. Laughter. Playing. Building a house. Loving your grandkids and great-grandkids. Mud. Creeks. Sledrides. Retreat house. Cookies. Firepole. Woods. Sandy. Bear. Snakes. Oh you and snakes. John Deere {the deer}. Lexi. Charlie. And all the other great memories. You are an amazing, incredible man, Grandpa. I'm so proud and honored to be a part of your family!

It's my Brother & His wife's TEN year anniversary.

Tim, I didn't know Jeremi very well when you started dating. I didn't know her really well for years after you married. Now I'm honored to consider her one of my dearest friends. And your kids are ridiculously amazing. And then there's you. You are just hands down the best brother ever. I appreciate you more than words can say. Thanks for being so committed, loving, and godly with your wife and kids! And Jer, you are a precious gift to our family. Thanks for all the laughs, good talks, inspiration, incredible mothering of my nieces, and great cooking! Thanks for letting us invade your house so much, you put up with us well. :) You two are the best! Happy 10 year!!!

It's the birthday of the dog we grew up with {miss you Sandy!}.
I just had to throw that out there for fun. :)

And of course I don't have a single picture of any of those to share. Stupid ancient cameras.

So instead you get the two recent pictures with my Grandpa and my brother & his wife in them. :)

Gosh I love these people.

And they are the reason I'm taking a whirlwind, crazy trip to my hometown Friday afternoon to Saturday night. The only reason.

Well, that and nearly 12 hours in the car with this dude.

{ahem, that's my daddy :)}

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Stephanie said...

Have a great trip! Tell your dad and Tim and fam hello for me.