Friday, May 28, 2010


One of my all-time favorite bands is FFH.

I think more than anything I love their music because I love them. I've seen them in concert and they are beyond describable. They're so real, so open, so honest, so fun, and their music is amazing. They've always had a great story, a great connection with their audience, they're fun, loving, and Christ-like.

And after leaving the Christian music touring circle in September of 06, they're back!!! Yay! But now their story has gotten...more complicated.

I just bought their new album yesterday and I couldn't be more excited or blessed by it. Especially after hearing their story. Please go here to learn more, or you can listen to their recent interview on the afternoon K-Love Radio show with Scott and Kelli here {it's in 4 parts}.

You can watch them singing their new song Undone live on K-Love here. I just LOVE this song!!! I can't even begin to fully explain the way it ministers to my heart. Here are the lyrics:

Open up wide, swallow down deep
No spoon full of sugar could make it sweet
The cancer inside stealing my sleep
Night after night it keeps haunting me
The secrets I keep
Are tearing me up inside
I try to hide and then I wonder why

Why I’m still running when I know there’s no escaping

Come undone, surrender is stronger
I don’t need to be the hero tonight
We all want love we all want honor
Nobody wants to pay the asking price

Fall on my knees, fall on my pride
I’m tripping over all the times I’ve lied
I’m asking please, but I can see in your eyes
You don’t need tears for alibis
It’s true what they say
Love must be blind
It’s why You’re still standing by this sinner’s side

You’re still by my side when all the things I’ve done have left you bleeding


I don’t think I can drive it home tonight
I don’t think I wanna be alone tonight



I was at a concert of theirs several years ago when the power went out. They handled it with such grace... it was amazing! They had us all get closer to the stage, some people on the floor behind them and in front, all of us squeezing together, and we just poured into the most incredible, God-honoring time of worship together. It was insanely wonderful. God was really moving in that building that night in powerful ways. There were no mics, of course, and it was just a beautiful time of connected-ness that moved my mom and I to tears several times {we were even bummed when the power came back on!!}. I've been to at least a handful or two of their concerts, and I have never walked away disappointed or feeling at all like God wasn't in there. Sad to say I have left some Christian concerts feeling that way. I think the most fired up ones I've been to are FFH, David Crowder, and MercyMe. Wow, you just leave there KNOWING God was there in incredible, worshipful, magnificent ways.

Please pray for Jeromy and Jennifer as they encounter challenges out on the road, facing life with MS, pray for their two kids, for God to continue to use them as they share their story, for God to move powerfully at their concerts and that people would come to Christ through FFH's testimony, and for God's continued protection over all of them.

Given my years on our college radio station and as our station manager for a year, Christian music and the radio industry is very close to my heart. I love this stuff!! And I love FFH. I hope you do too, or will soon if you haven't heard of them before. Take a listen, I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

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