Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Friday

I've worked at this company for 9 years this July. I love it more with each passing year and am very thankful for the way God has blessed this company. One way is that we have actually been growing and expanding despite the weak economy. I'm so thankful for strong, godly, wise leaders who oversee such huge tasks like finances, growth, etc. We have an amazing team of board members, managers, and employees. I am truly grateful to work with and for such a great team of people!!

Anyway, for all 9 years despite several office changes, I've always been upstairs in our creative/production areas. For many years, much of this was all storage space. A year or so before I came, they expanded a bit. Now this past April we just completed more construction {i.e. less storage space which is kind of sad, but it turned out really cool and useful!}. Part of this new construction is that we now have bathrooms upstairs.


To anyone who knows our company, this is huge. It's been a request for many, many years. To watch it finally come to be has been nothing short of amazing.

But honestly, it's also a bit... weird. The bathrooms are located right on the other side of a partial wall from where our new design space is. There's a hallway there but I guess I'm afraid they aren't very soundproof. Alas, I made myself use it yesterday, and it was a mixture of emotion of spookiness, surrealness, giggling, and awe. I was sure I was dreaming, really.

Yes, they do appear to be pretty soundproof! 

But I still usually go downstairs because I completely forget we have working ones up here now! Still quite surreal. 

Okay, so without further ado, our upstairs bathrooms {my apologies for the low-quality camera phone pics}:


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