Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Hair Highlighting Pics

Last Sunday (before Memorial Day), I went with my sister-in-law Becca and her kids to my sister-in-law Diana's house. All of our husbands are brothers. I'm very thankful we all get along so great and have a really good time together. It was really fun. And I got a great new hairdo to boot!

Okay, so I was nervous. I mean really nervous. I didn't tell them this, but I almost had a panic attack in the chair as Diana was prepping to color and highlight my hair. I've never had my hair professionally colored or highlighted before, so I was all kinds of nervous. Becca had spent weeks talking me into it and Becca was really encouraging the whole way there (30 min to Becca's, 1 hr 15 min to Diana's from there, yipes!). I really wanted to do it and try something new, and I'm thankful Becca talked me into it. But still, quite nervous was I! And really, Diana is the very best hairstylist EVER. Seriously. I completely trust her and know that she's not going to go bazonkers on my hair, which I appreciate. I'm very apprehensive when I decide to do anything even remotely dramatic to my hair. And I've never done anything that dramatic. Like my nieces. Who got green and pink highlights on the sides and underneath in the back.

I love these girls so much. But let me tell you, they are brave!! It gives me the eebie-jeebies to even think about doing something like that with my hair.

This people-pleasing, very self-conscious confident-who-cares-what-people-think chick just doesn't want to do drama to her hair.


So without further ado, the pics of me. Please pardon the ones that didn't turn out well or where I look like a complete bafoon, and concentrate on the hair, k? K.

{Spell check is trying to get me to change that to baboon. Oh nice, what are you trying to tell me oh spell checker?!?!}

Front before.

Back before.

The just-before-color-goes-on-I'm-gonna-have-a-panic-attack moment.

Okay so this stuff was really cold, smelled awful, and the dogs were licking my feet. Not a great picture, but really... pretty funny.

Shaking like a leaf.
And pretending to smile for Becca behind the camera.

Getting a trim. Wanting to make sure it stays ponytail length so I can workout and not have it sticking to the back of my neck, which I hateeee

Ahhhh crap. 
What did I just do?!

First real look in the mirror, and hearing Becca's oohs and ahhs, and I got really excited!!!

Loving it at this point.

Yayyyy!!!!! Seriously, love it!

Tickled pink.
Um, literally.

Admiring Diana's marvelous work! Thankful she kept it subtle (darkened it slightly as a whole, caramel colored highlights to lighten it up a bit and make it all pop) and yet very sleek and nice! Now if I could just style it the way she does I'd be set!

Thank you, Diana & Becca, for helping take me out of my comfort zone and into some fun! I really do love it, love both of yours as well, and really had SOOO much fun on Sunday! My sister-in-laws rock!


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