Tuesday, June 4, 2013

36 Week Update

Seriously? 36 weeks?! Only FOUR weeks left til my due date?!?!?!?! Eek!!

How did this happen? Time is flying! I truly feel like I just announced my pregnancy here yesterday....

But thankfully, I've been trying to soak in the moments, paying close attention to not just let time fly without making memories and enjoying everything about pregnancy {despite the negatives}. I've been delighting in feeling baby's movements {kick, squirm, hiccup}, hearing his heartbeat and seeing him often on ultrasound {the upside to being high risk and being monitored closely}, enjoying a close connection with hubster as we pray over baby together and prepare for his birth/life, and loving hearing people ask me my due date, feeling my belly {yes, bring it on, I LOVE it, and am actually a little offended when people don't want to...}!!

I'm at the doctor twice a week now for tests, and as of last night everything still looks great! Baby is doing well! We continue to beat the odds and surprise people -- all glory to God!!!!

We are getting there. Final preparations underway, nursery almost done, plans nearly in order. Still always more to do.

Trying to remember not to panic. I've had those moments for sure. Then I have the "bring it on!!" moments. Praise God for grace, mercy, and supernatural energy!

Things I miss: Flonase {hello Spring allergies}, cold lunchmeat {bring on some Jimmy John's subs after delivery!}, being able to take normal medication {cold meds, headache meds, etc}, and being able to remember things/be organized.

Things I won't miss: carpal tunnel, bad swelling so much that my feet are killing me more with every week, bad hip pain, regular intense chiropractor appointments, horrible heartburn, having to use the bathroom constantly especially all through the night (!!), being super duper clumsy, and twice-a-week doctor's appointments.

Things I'm looking forward to: holding my son. MY. SON. Eeeeeeeee!!!! Seeing Tim hold him. Seeing my mom and dad and mother-in-law hold him. Watching my other close friends and family with him, ones who have prayed with me and cried with me over these long years of waiting. Starting this new adventure. Being a mom.

Things I'm not looking forward to: lack of sleep, an assumed Fibromyalgia flare-up post delivery, discipline, repeating myself constantly, an out-of-control house and schedule, loss of sanity and schedules, and being overly criticized for everything I do/decide for my child {yep, already happening... awesome}.

Foods I'm craving: Craving? I'm not sure I know that word anymore. Just give me food. All the time. And Cherry Coke. And sleep. I just want to sleep all the time. I can suddenly fall asleep anywhere. And I could just eat all day {but no, I'm not!}.

Aversions: Smell of gas and coconut continue to be super nasty. The flooding at our workplace created a super nasty smell that still really bothers me, while my other coworkers barely notice the smell or say it's totally gone. Um, no... no it's not.

Baby showers: I cannot believe how blessed we've been. Four showers. One back home with childhood family & friends, one with my coworkers, one with Tim's coworkers {this one was held today!}, and one with family & friends here. Amazed. So, so, so blessed!! Thank you everyone!

And of course, I'm behind on everything, including the 10 or so posts I've started since my pregnancy began that I've started to write but haven't finished. The collage of pictures we've been taking every single week. Details I've wanted to share but fell behind on. Always 20 steps behind on everything these days and I hear it's only going to get worse!

Well... ready or not, he's almost here!!!! 

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Future of Hope said...

You are almost there, Mama!!!!!!!
This little peanut is already a blessing from God in so many ways.

I am praying for a safe arrival, calmness, and ease during delivery.

The final countdown is on, and so many of us will be cheering you on and waiting to see the first pics of this little guy!