Saturday, June 12, 2010


Really struggling through some things.

Need a break.

Cannot wait for our vacation week after next.

For today, just vegging. Processing. Praying. Crying.

Sobbed so hard last night on my drive home from a party that I was nearly choking.




Making me physically ill.

Wanting to hide in a hole.

Wishing I could redo yesterday.

Today I am in a funk.

Today I don't like myself.

Today I hate Fibromyalgia.

Today I hate being a girl.


Carol said...

Oh, dear Rochelle. I understand... You will be in my thoughts and prayers the rest of the day. Try hard not to beat yourself up, you don't deserve what you are telling yourself. You are a child of God created in His image... rejoice, my friend.

Vikki G said...

I am so very sorry that you are feeling this way~ Remember that the disease is not who you are...this is something that many of us with chronic illnesses struggle with~ Please know that you are a daughter of the King Most High and He loves you for who you are...and where you are in life! Lord I pray for strength for Rochelle and a peace in knowing that she is loved and appreciated and that You are holding her in Your Hands!

Sarakastic said...

Oh I'm so sorry you're going through this but you're a strong person and you can do it! Just get some rest and wait it out and maybe do somethign really nice for yourself.