Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Steak Stirfry Experiment

Last week I decided to get a little ambitious and experimented with some cooking. No recipe, just some guessing, which I've gotten better at thanks to blog reading and watching The Food Network. Which is yes, entirely where/how I learned to cook. God bless Rachael Ray, Emeril, and Paula Dean!

Anyway... here's what happened last week with my Steak Stirfry.

I bought a pre-cut package of some sort of round sirloin or something that was low on fat content. I needed to find shortcuts that would involve more lean meats and veggies, so I figured why not just get the meat already cut? Hello! No more of the pre-processed/pre-packaged garbage. I'm really trying here!

So... brown 1 pkg of meat. Um, about this much:

At the same time, cook rice in a separate pan with however many servings suites your needs. We prefer Minute white rice {I know, I know, but brown rice is not something we can get used to}!

To save my sanity, I bought an already made sauce, but it doesn't have any of the processed gook like in most sauces. God bless Trader Joe's!!!

Yet again Trader Joe's does it! A nifty combo of carrots, onions, and celery already cut up for me! Wow, I was sooo excited to find this! {Alright those laughing at me you can shoosh now! I for realz had no idea this type of thing was available!!!}

In retrospect, I wish I had cooked the meat, set it aside, browned the veggies, and then combined it. The meat was overcooked and a bit chewy. Still edible, but now I know for next time! So if you try this, I suggest it for you too.

I have no idea how much sauce I put in. A few dollops. It wasn't enough, but I didn't want to overdo it and make it too salty. Next time, a little more sauce. Yeah... good luck to me since I haven't a clue what I did this time. *sigh*

Hope you enjoyed this experimental recipe attempt! :) If you end up giving it a whirl, or have a much better/stricter recipe to follow, give me a holler! I appreciate your input!


blueviolet said...

That looks delicious, Rachelle!

Lynda Young said...

it looks great. I like experiementing with cooking. I rarely use a recipe for cooking.