Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What If? Movie Review

Hubster & I went to the premiere of the What If? movie at our church last Monday, August 9th. It opens in theaters this Friday, August 20th. Please go out and support this film so we can show Hollywood that family-friendly, faith-based movies indeed have a place in our society! To find out where it might be playing near you, go here. It's starting as a limited release, but our hope is that it'll be a big hit, spreading to even more theatres across the globe as people fall in love with it.

It was quite an exciting night at the premiere. There were about 4,000 people that came and it was a little chaotic, but it was totally worth it.

The excitement in the air was electrifying. Everyone looked about ready to jump off their seats when we got started. We were introduced to our campus pastor, our senior pastor, the director, and the main actors that were there. The director {Dallas Jenkins} introduced the film. And we were off....

WOW. What a ride!

This is no cheesy Christian movie done poorly. It’s done really well, the acting is superb, the script is excellent, and the direction is world-class. It’s a tear-jerker, reality-checker, and heart-warmer. It’s downright hilarious in many spots {I was surprised at how many laugh-out-loud, nearly-rolling-on-the-ground moments there were}, and it’s extremely impactful. This movie is bound to change lives. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was thrown some surprises.

A side benefit to premiering it in the Chicago area meant a huge cheer went up when Moody Bible Institute was mentioned. Hubby and I were also excited to hear the Toby Mac reference {huge fans of his}. Holler!

All of the actors do a fabulous job in the film, but my favorite character in the movie is played by John Rotzenberger. He's an unconventional angel who doesn't take any crap or give trite answers. Hearing him speak in the Q & A afterward made me an even bigger fan of his. The other leads are just as phenomenal! Check them all out here.

It’s got some similarities to The Family Man (© 2000) with some twists and of course, the God/life-changing part!! I heard someone also indicate it’s kind of like It’s a Wonderful Life in reverse.

What If? is a family-friendly, faith-based film that takes you soaring through a roller coaster of emotions…one minute you are laughing so hard you snort and the next minute you have tears rolling down your cheeks. A memorable, must-see film you will want to add to your collection!

Here is another review and an interview with Dallas. Also check out this TV interview on it.

To follow more on the film, follow Dallas on Twitter or the movie on Twitter or Facebook.

And finally, some pictures from the movie premiere event:

One of the many long lines to get in the door
Inside - people coming in
Inside - almost ready to begin
Promo up on the screen
Our senior pastor James MacDonald {right} introducing us to our new director of media and one of the directors of the film Dallas Jenkins {left}
Q & A session afterward {L to R: our campus pastor Jeff, Dallas, Debby, John, & Kevin}
Lead actor Kevin Sorbo {some may recognize him from Hercules}
John Ratzenberger {some may recognize him as Cliff from Cheers}
Debby Ryan {who plays someone on some Suite Life show on The Disney Channel}
Dallas Jenkins answering questions

My friend Layna & I afterward
Here's one of several shots of the long lines and autograph section.

We didn't bother with the chaos of the longggg autograph line afterward. It was really cool that they did that though!

Now please go out and help support this movie! Hits theaters Friday. Spread the word!


Dallas Jenkins said...

Thanks so much, I so appreciate your support!!

Lynda Young said...

I hope it comes out in Oz. It sounds brilliant.

Montserrat Lledó said...

Hello Rochelle¡ I'm Spanish and I live in Barcelona. I congratulate you for the blogg. I look forward to see "What if" in my country. Escuse my clumsy English.