Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Date Night

Today I had a really wonderful, relaxing day of over 5 hours of shopping, browsing, wandering, thinking, and spending time just talking to God and hanging out. It was really refreshing for me and I'm really thankful I had the energy! I took it slow {easy to do when you're by yourself!} which was a big part of why I made it all the way.

I went to the mall, returned some items, stocked up on our Bath & Body Works soap, got some new candles, got some lunch, pulled over to listen to one of our authors on an interview on a local radio station for half an hour, cried, prayed, got some fake spring flowers at Michael's for our windowsill flower pots, a couple other stores, and of course my all-time favorite LL Bean. Tim hates that store and I could wander it for hours. It's very theraputic for me. I wrapped up my day by renting a few movies at Blockbuster, and then getting my hair shampooed, dried, and styled for our date night!

Usually when we go on dates, we just go as we are. However, tonight for Valentine's Day we dressed up a little more {but not like uber fancy} and had to take some pictures! We used Tim's old tri-pod and the self timer on our camera to try to get some good shots. But since our flash broke, we had some trouble. Nowhere in our house is there really good lighting for a camera with no flash, so we just did our best. You don't get to see the experimental ones. ;) Here are the ones that turned out okay.

We had a really good time chatting over deliciously amazing food at Olive Garden. We decided not to go for our typical tradition of Outback Steakhouse, we just weren't feeling it. You kind of have to be starving and in the mood to go there! Olive Garden is one of my all-time fav restaurants and I'm really glad we ended up going there, despite the hour wait...totally worth it! And we had the best waitress ever, it was really special!

Let me tell you, that dessert was to die for! Amazing. Black Forest Mousse Cake. Yummo! My Chicken Scampi was totally delish and Tim really enjoyed his Mixed Grill too.

Tim gave me the absolute sweetest card ever that brought me to tears along with an amazing gift card for a 1-hour massage. Isn't that just the best?!?! I'm so thankful for him!

Then a hilarious and relaxing movie rental afterward and now it's time to hit the hay!

Needless to say, I had a wonderful day. And I look forward to just chilling around home tomorrow after church and just baking up some Valentine's treats for my awesome coworkers!

Good night friends, have a blessed and relaxing Sunday!


Missy Schranz said...

You and Tim look totally radiant together! I'm glad you had a great time. :0)

Kimberly said...

So glad you had such a great day! Love the pics:)How sweet of your hubby to get you a massage!

Marti said...

It is nice when you can go out and do normal things! Looks like you two had fun. Since you have fibro (my sister has chronic fibro and is on disability), have you had your hormones and food allergies tested? When we have food allergies and we eat those foods, it causes inflammation in our bodies. I have Lyme Disease and have to watch what I eat. I react to over 47 foods. If you are interested in food allergy testing, contact me at I can tell you what I have learned about it and give you some options-- don't do the back-scratch test-- it is not accurate.

Pamela said...

You look so happy and it sounds like your date was fun. It IS fun when we are with the one we love. My husband and I decided on a Valentine Breakfast since eating places here don't take reservations and the wait is long. It was such fun to do something different.