Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random thoughts

* some really tough things going on both with family & close friends. breaks my heart.

* hubby had a wisdom tooth extracted this afternoon as well as a partial root canal, he's not doing great, please pray he recovers and can get some sleep. he's having a lot of bleeding, i spoke with the oral surgeon and it's not concerning but it's still hard. please pray i'll have strength to care for him as he needs. i'm still not totally up to par from before the flu.

* my blood pressure was really high at the eye doctor's this afternoon. i have this problem sometimes, it's whenever i'm in a doctor's office and i have anxiety. i have a monitor at home to make sure i'm okay on a regular basis. generally speaking i am {and i do take medicine for it, specifically because of the spikes}, but please pray i find ways to alleviate my anxiety about doctors. i have to see them often enough, i hate that i struggle with this. did i ever mention that i'm a hypochondriac? i'm still amazed sometimes that God allowed someone like me to get Fibromyalgia, but he gently reminds me he's using it to humble me and to teach me to trust him.

* i've not had any soda since i got the flu, which considering my usual several sodas a day, is pretty phenomenal. i've had a little caffeine via tea, but of course that's healthier!

* i've been eating a lot less since having the flu, today was my first day back with real foods. i finally got to have my Easter dinner tonight!!

* watching NCIS repeats on TV = happiness. hearing hubby's groans of pain from the recliner behind me = sadness.

* so psyched for our vacation to California next week. absolutely. cannot. wait. then i think about the airplane part and i remind myself to pack my anti-anxiety and high blood pressure pills. i don't mind the flying part, but there are just certain aspects of the process that make me anxious. usually once we're there and in the seats or up in the air, i'm fine {so long as i take my tylenol sinus pills so my head doesn't explode}.

* wishing there was more time in the day for me to make all the phone calls and personal visits i need to make right now with family & close friends.

* longing so desperately to hold my new nephew Joshua. breaks my heart i can't be there.

* busy week at work, crazy with moving the Bible team away from our area to an area slightly farther back on the same floor. i miss them already. they were some of my daily entertainment and interactions. and i miss hearing what's going on with our Bible products from just a few feet away while i'm doing my work! now it takes some effort. :( it's eerily quiet with the 6 of them moved out and their spaces empty... for now. i'm thankful for the growth though, and their new offices are really cool!

* wishing there was more time in the day for me to clean and organize the craziness out of my house. and more energy in my body. i have so many ideas of what i want to do, but they're just stuck in my head for now.

* have had so many blog post ideas but just can't keep up with this either. i miss keeping up with all the other blogs i love too. instead i've kept it to a basic top 15 now. i just have too much else going on.

* great lunch today with a dear friend. looking forward to a girls night friday with another dear friend. looking forward to a baby shower for another dear friend on sunday! so thankful for the godly, wonderful women in my life!

* 7 lbs lost. flu diet not recommended.

* still really struggling with what to do in regards to weight loss/exercise. it's been a big deal. it's really hard and super detailed to explain, so let me just say i'd appreciate your prayers and encouragement in this regard! :)

* if you didn't get to see my Easter post below, please check it out. you may even find a recipe you want to try!

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Marti said...

Love this idea of "random thought". I may borrow it. :) Our minds are running all the time, aren't they? Life never seems to slow down. I know my mind has been overloaded with more decisions on treatments and this Texas Lyme bill.