Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Fall TV Schedule

You know I'm a TV junkie and entertainment geek - and I can't help but get excited when my friend Mary posts about TV and I actually have time to write a return post! :) 

We. are. nerds.

How I Met Your Mother (thanks to Mary for introducing us to this hilariousness!!)
2 Broke Girls (oddly hilarious, somewhat irritating, but still intriguing)
Mike & Molly (sometimes laugh so hard at this that I fall over or can't breathe!)
Hawaii Five-O

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Flashpoint (on ION now instead of CBS - 2nd best show ever)
New Girl (we watch it later - so so so so funny & refreshing)

Nothing (ahhhh)

The Big Bang Theory (horrible name and some concepts I don't like, but so ridiculously funny)
Rules of Engagement (although this show is starting to irritate me in the annoyingness that is David Spade's character, otherwise pretty funny)
Person of Interest (very intriguing concept. need some character development or it will grow dull quick. love these actors though!)

Chuck (duh!) :) best. show. ever.
A Gifted Man (so sad this is slated to likely be cancelled - don't know why I love this show so much!)
Blue Bloods (love.)

The Good Wife (this has some weird stuff I sometimes feel ready to give up on it, but I'm always still intrigued too much to let it go completely....)

Gave up on: 
Unforgettable, The Mentalist, Up All Night, and Free Agents (later cancelled anyway).

What are you watching and enjoying?


Sherah said...

Funny story -- I went to school with the african-american guy on New Girl :) He was one of the leads in Godspell when Marty and I went to COD (Marty ran sound for that show). He's great, right?!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I've heard that Hawaii 5-0 is good, but I haven't watched it. Same for Person of Interest and Gifted Man. And really? We're nerds? I had NO IDEA. ;)

blueviolet said...

How crazy is it that I've not seen ANY of these?

Rochelle said...

Sherah - that's so funny and SO cool! :) He is great!

Mary - we didn't start watching Hawaii 5-0 when it started, but some friends of ours loved it and kept telling us we should watch. Once our Monday nights freed up a bit we started, and we were hooked immediately. So good! And the views of Hawaii are spectacular!!

Liz - I am not surprised. You have a life, LOL! ;)

Anonymous said...

Last Man Standing on ABC: Tuesday nights at 8pm. It's with Tim Allen in his return to TV and it's really good and funny! You have to check it out.