Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rest of First Wkd in May

It's been a long time, but I just have to share with you the rest of what happened the first weekend in May when we went to my hometown. It was in big part to celebrate with my family our nephew Joshua turning 1. But there were so many other things too!

The weather & drive down was perfect

Only picture of us together over the weekend, and mom neglected to let us know when she was pushing the button on my phone to take the pic.

After losing Uncle Bill in February and not getting a whole lot of time with my Aunt Robin, it was refreshing for my heart and spirit to get to spend some sweet time sitting next to my aunt for hours while watching the town's biggest parade of the year. It was like the energizer bunny of parades - it seriously kept going and going and going! And it finally ended just past 2 1/2 hours. But it was very nice time together despite the 90 degree heat!

Kicking things off...

I just love horses. I could stare at them all day.

Geniuses who passed out free water, Gatorade, and pop to refresh everyone in that nasty heat!

Love watching my mom and her sister laughing together!!

A dog in a car that had a "Prosperity for All" sign caused a ton of laughs

A house portraying the American dream, based on one of our favorite movies "Up"

And the main event for us:
Seeing my Grandpa {our last living grandparent} do his last role as King for the year at the nursing home where he resides. It was such a joy for him to receive this honor, and while I couldn't be there for the crowning, I loved being able to see him do his final role - to appear in this big parade. It was tough to get a good picture of him as the van was moving and the camera caught the glare, but look closely, he's just on the other side of that window waving at us.

This is just funny.

So was this - a mini car with a big guy riding inside. LOL!

Yep, that kind of place. ;) Farm equipment galore.

Watching the parade with family & friends.

Childhood best friend Tracie with kids Logan & Eve.

Couldn't help but get a kick out of Tracie & I wearing the same sandals - not something we bought together or even knew the other had. Just shows we have similar good taste! :)

Our little crew.

Gathering candy... and more candy!

Back at Tracie's house to cool off after lunch. Evie was eating some candy, and playing with G. I. Joe's. Love that kid!

Logan & Evie adore Tim, it's sooo cute!!

Their adorable, but yappy & annoying dog.

My sweet niece Olivia at lunch on Sunday at Ruby Tuesday.

Cayley - our fun, lovable Cayley.

Hilarious 1 year old Joshua :)

Sis-in-law Jeremi and kiddo Josh having giggles

It was seriously SUCH a great time! Thank you for letting me share more of it with you all!

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