Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Four Year Old Princess

We had a blast this past weekend as we celebrated our sweet, fun-loving, playful 4-year-old niece Natalie's birthday!

Natalie is the 3rd of 4th children to Tim's brother Paul and his wife Becca. We've seen them through a lot and we love them all to pieces. We couldn't be happier for Natalie as she celebrated her birthday during a time when the family had just come through a very, very hard season.

This little girl is strong, smart, vibrant, and super duper sweet and funny! We adore her and were so happy to celebrate her birthday with her!

We love you so much Natalie and can't wait to see what all of life has to offer you in the years to come!!

Here's a little more of the fun from the day:

Nephew Ashdyn swimming

Bozo buckets with fun prizes
Haha Natalie swinging away!!
Ash doing a great job taking a swing
Giving up and Paul ripping apart the head to finally get at the candy
Enjoying the floating pad we got her for her birthday
He's so good at swimming even at 3! {well... with floaties ;)}
So excited for presents!
My dad arrived in the evening and enjoyed catching up with the fam too.
Adorable nephew Toby enjoying the slide

So thankful for our wonderful family. Love them so very, very much!!

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