Monday, August 27, 2012

Missing Out

Last week was really, really rough. Like in a way I cannot even start to put into words. I really hate being sick, on top of everything else. It was brutal.

So much of the past 6 years with Fibromyalgia and a compromised immune system have meant a variety of extra illnesses, and much of it has been spent missing out on so many things. Because I have to rest. I'm so susceptible and compromised that if I don't take extra caution when I get sick, it could easily develop into something worse.

But even though my life with chronic illness has meant missing out on some things, I really hate it when I get sick on top of that and really end up missing out on things. Like recently...

- Missing out on the last day of work in our offices for 2 great coworkers and friends.

- Missing out on the goodbye parties of said friends.

- Missing out on a family lunch to welcome niece Abbie to a nearby college.

- Missing out on reconciling quickly with a best friend over a simple misunderstanding.

- Missing out on spending time with a dear friend who is about to have her 2nd child.

- Missing out on getting to meet the newborn baby of another dear friend.

- Missing out on so much work.

- Missing out on the last day in the office for a dear friend and coworker for a week as we enter into a very chaotic work week where our two jobs collide, making it a serious bummer.

- Missing out on another close coworker who is also gone 3 days this week and I miss her so very much.

- Missing human interaction. I got so lonely.

- Missing laying flat in my bed instead of upright in the recliner.

- Missing being able to move hardly at all. Too much sitting around also flares up the Fibro and in just a couple days, everything in me was freaking out.

- Nearly missing out on buddy Parker's 3rd birthday but thankfully was well enough to make that one, whew!!

- Missing out on a weekend coming up with my brother and his family, my mom and stepdad, Grandpa, etc. We have to delay it 2 weeks because of my being sick. Urgg.  

Ready to get back to my normal.

It's coming though, I had a full day back at work today and despite that it was hard going at first, it was soooooo nice to be back!! I cannot believe I was gone mostly all week from this crazy infection! I'm not sure that's ever happened before where it wasn't over a holiday and hit right at the beginning of the week. No way to recover, it meant a lot of time off.

But I love my job, am so thankful for an incredible boss and boss's boss who are both super flexible and understanding, and am so grateful for helpful and understanding coworkers who cover for me and miss me when I'm gone :). I work for a phenomenal company and that made all of this so much less painful!

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dandelion68 said...

I can relate so much to this post! I, too, had a sinus infection for like the last 2 weeks and am cursed with fibro and inflammatory arthritis. I cannot believe how a simple sinus infection can turn into so much more and how it affects my body and increases the pain horribly. And I also cannot deal with antibiotics very well. I admire you for continuing to work and I so wish I could find a job that was flexible and understanding of my health and medical needs like you have. That is so awesome! Having fibro changes everything in ones life, doesnt it? People just have absolutely NO idea! Most days I feel terribly weak, tired, and kinda hopeless...but actually I am probably stronger than I think. I really should give myself some credit, right!?! Thanks for the post!