Sunday, August 26, 2012

News, Pics, & Links

I have a nasty sinus infection. This stinks. After a full week of fighting it, resting, thinking I was better, attempting work, getting worse, driving myself to an urgent care center nearby (so thankful for them!), and beginning a powerful antibiotic that has helped but given horrible side effects... I'm finally doing better! I still have a ways to go, still have a nasty cough and I sound ridiculous, but trust me, I'm better than I was!

I hate taking pills, especially antibiotics, but enough about that for now. It had to be done.

Since I'm just now finally getting back to normal functioning (slowly, since I'm so weak from laying around the better part of an entire week, ughhh)... in the meantime I'd rather share more exciting things in life. Below are some favorite links, articles, and pictures of recent happenings for you to enjoy! :)


Two of my favorite groups had new albums out this past week which really excites me! Get Tenth Avenue North's The Struggle or Owl City's The Midsummer Station on iTunes now!

You can also watch Tenth Avenue North on KLove Radio playing some of their new songs live or also watch them perform my favorite song from their new album "Losing" here at Hear It First (this link may not work right - it'll take you to the main page for Tenth Ave North, then under the video screen, scroll until you find "Tenth Avenue North performs their song 'Losing'" and click on that -- but it's totally worth it because it's super fun to watch them be off the cuff like this and in a makeshift studio!). 

You can also watch Owl City perform live on America's Got Talent Wednesday night with Carly Rae Jepsen. Adam Young (Owl City) is a strong Christian and I love watching him sing, listening to his songs, or reading his blog (read one of my favorite recent posts of his here or also here where he explains why he calls himself Owl City instead of just Adam Young). He's got such an interesting sound and is a gifted musician! But I also really love his writing on his blog, where he shares humor and his faith.

Coming out this Tuesday is the new album from Toby Mac called "Eye On It" - wow, I cannot wait! Especially hearing this song - I LOVE it!!:


This was quite the article to read. So thankful for Dr. Moore's wisdom & insight on such issues!


I'm going to New York City in November. I'm going with a close friend and we just booked our plane tickets this past weekend while we were together. Wow. Lifelong dream about to be realized, and I'm still feeling a bit surreal about it!


It's been raining all day in Chicagoland. We need this. So great!! But it's really weird that the trees are already losing their leaves and crunching under our feet. It's still August people!


Okay I promised some pictures so here you go!

Here's my mom recently with my brother's 3 kids. Aren't they just precious?!?!?! We miss them SO very much!

Last weekend (right before I got sick) we got to celebrate my stepsister's 50th birthday with her husband, two daughters, her dad and my mom, and some of her dad's family members. It was such a delight!

Haha I had to get her an "Old Lady" cane. :) She got such a kick out of it!

Me with step-nieces, Emily and Lane. They are beautiful, sweet young ladies!

Me with Susan - I like just calling her my sister because that's what she really feels like to me, love her to pieces!

Would you believe she's the superintendent for the school district where she lives? Well, believe it. She's fun and spunky, but she's smart as can be, great with students, knows everyone (no really, everyone in those surrounding towns... it's shocking actually), and is very wise. She's got a great relationship with the Lord and I'm thankful she loves my mom and our family! Her other siblings haven't been quite so gracious. Susan is a doll!

In other news, our neighbors recently had a large backyard party and we couldn't believe this was set outside their house. Really - have a party and don't let people into your house? I could understand if it's under construction or something, but it's not so this was a bit baffling to us. And there's no zoom on this - it was this close to our bedroom window. Good times.

But thankfully that same afternoon we left for a game night at our friends Kevin & Bekah's, so we didn't have to put up with it overly long, but it was still there even into the next day. Eww. Here's a random photo from game night...

The week before I got sick, I got together with two of my closest friends (Monica & Sherah) and we had a terrific girls night - we enjoyed yogurt, walking around a small shopping area, and hanging out at Starbucks to just chill and talk. So much fun!

Well that's the latest stuff I can think of around here. It's been a mix of good and bad, and really hard, but we're hoping it comes back to a good note soon!

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