Monday, October 15, 2012

Spinning Out of Control

While my life spins seemingly out of control and I get my feet back on solid ground, I'm taking a slight hiatus from blogging. I'll be back, possibly even faster than anticipated.

But for now, there are just too many other important happenings that I don't want to miss out on or take time to recover from.

For now let me leave you with a few blog posts that really resonated with me and I hope you'll take a few minutes to read them too:

Just keep swimming - perhaps it's because I'm so much like her, but I just adore Mary and think she's the greatest. I love her openness and honesty here so, so much!!

Help me help you - I can't help it, here's another one from Mary. I'm totally addicted to reading her blog with every post.

Hands up for the loop-de-loop - about letting go and trusting God, and not resisting change from our plans

Why is anger so popular? - all about anger and how it's okay to be angry sometimes.

How to listen to a friend - nothing else needs to be said here.

The beauty in the threadbare - oh how deeply I love Beth Moore!

Everyday - because it shows the everyday life of one of my in-real-life friends {another coworker's spouse - I can't help it, I love these ladies!!!! :)}

Love to you all as I go back to spinning in crazy circles....


Auntie Bee said...

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Auntie Bee said...

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Auntie Bee said...

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