Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

It's hard for me to process the fact that I just watched the ball drop on TV in New York City. In Times Square. Where I'd always dreamt of going someday after so many years of watching that ball drop.

And that just over a month ago, I was there with my friend Anna. Standing in Times Square. Looking up in awe. 

Unreal. Somebody pinch me.... 

I seriously just got all giggling and excited when I saw the first glimpse of it on TV. Your perspective really does change when you get to visit a place. And even though this wasn't the grandest trip of all time or the most amazing, it was chalk full of good memories, lots of laughs, struggles, exhaustion, and hilarity. We will always remember standing there, even if really just for a few minutes. So I just can't help but reflect and be amazed that I really stood somewhere I never thought I would.


On another note... I didn't mean to really take such a long blogging break, it just kind of happened.

And I think I really needed it. And I haven't really had much to say, or much I could say.

There's a lot going on in our neck of the woods. It's been a super busy month, and I've been really sick for 3 weeks. Like... flu to cold to nastiest cough ever. The cough that won't die.

No, really.

Usually at this time I like to look over the past year - past posts or favorite things or favorite memories.

But I'm exhausted and still fighting this nasty bug. And I just don't have anything in me right now to contribute.

So instead I just want to wish you all a very happy 2013!! I hope it's a wonderful year for everyone - a year of dreams come true, being thankful for what we have, and loads full of amazing memories. May God be more real to you this year and may you see incredible things that He can do for you!

Best wishes friends!!


Christina T said...

Happy New Year! I am sorry to hear that you have been so sick especially at this time of year. I hope you feel better soon.

May God bless you abundantly this year. I hope you get to go see some more amazing places this year too :) That is cool that you got to visit Times Square.

Rachel Jones said...

You were in NYC for new years?!?
Happy new year & awesome pics!