Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New York City - Part 1

I just returned from a week away in New York City.

It was my first time there and it was amazing. 

And it just so happens we were there over Christmas time. Even more incredible!

My friend Anna and I saw a lot, did a lot, got exhausted, decided not to do some things so as not to totally keel over, I drove in Midtown Manhattan... twice... because I wanted to and I loveddd it, and then it was all over and I was glad.

Glad to be back home with hubster. Glad to land in Chicago {no really, I cried... NYC is incredible, but there's no place like Chicago to me!!!}. Glad to be back at my own house, in my own bed, with my own schedule.

There were so so so so many good things. Not having to cook or worry about food, though our hotel did have a kitchenette that we used for snacks and some goodies. The hotel had free breakfast and dinner buffets that were actually really good. My friend's personal reasons for having to be there thankfully went really well. And despite the stress and exhaustion, we did have times of rest to recover. Sorta. We saw tons of stuff and had such great experiences.

Memories to last a lifetime.

But I'm still glad to be back. :)


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You went at the perfect time of year! But yes, home always feels soooooo good.

Rachel Jones said...

Wow - so fun!! I haven't been there since I was little, sounds like I need to go back! :)