Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Test Results & Stuff

Thank you all for praying for my tests last week! Praise God - I do NOT have gestational diabetes!!!

They require testing of everyone now [some people were thinking maybe I was nervous because they thought maybe I had it, but no I was nervous about having it!]. So I was automatically nervous just because I had to do the 3-hour test after failing the 1-hour. I was just sure the next ball was going to drop and I was going to have yet another high-risk factor to complicate things more. But also as I prayed over it, I really felt at peace and calm from the Lord that I didn't have it, even right after the tests were done. It's easy to convince ourselves of things though [started to wonder if it was my own voice in my head, ya know?], so I prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. I can't tell you how immediately after the news I knelt down, thanked God, and wept. Wept. Such tremendous relief.

I don't exaggerate when I say the past two weeks have been two of the toughest, busiest, weirdest of our lives. We have had some extreme highs and some very deep lows. We've celebrated and we've cried. We've been hurt, angry, and offended - and we've been overcome by the love, joy, and celebration for us and baby boy. We are thankful for those who have stood by us, been there for us, prayed for us, shared in all of it with us, and rejoice with us that it's now over!! Whew. Not every hurt and every issue has been resolved, but a great deal of it has and we could not be more grateful!

Baby is moving a TON right now. So much so that he kept me up for about an hour last night. He doesn't normally do that. I feel a big growth spurt hitting this week, and I've definitely seen a change.

29 weeks today! That's 6.5 months and it means there are 11 weeks left til my due date. I'm not at all overewhelmed or panicked. Nope, not me.

Last night was our first official class. I wanted to do a breastfeeding class first before our birthing classes, which start this coming Sunday. Plus it just worked best in our schedule. This way if we have additional questions or need more info on nursing, we have an easier way to ask those questions as we process things. Though quite honestly, I'm not overly worried about it. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer nature of it all, but I feel fairly well prepared. Having waited nearly 13 years for this baby, I've never been shy over the years of asking friends or family questions, watching them nurse, trying to learn and soak in whatever information I could just in case. Now I'm actually going to be able to take that information and put it to good use! :) I definitely see the differences of opinions and styles, but I think we'll get it figured out if I'm just patient with the little guy and we work together to get the swing of it all. I'm determined and so long as he takes to it, I think we'll get there eventually. :)

Shoes have become a major pain in the neck! I never thought I'd hate them as much as I do right now, but they've become a source of real frustration for me. So my loving and thoughtful husband... when he knew I needed a distraction... took me out on Friday night after work for some therapeutic shoe-shopping. He hates shopping. He came with me, lovingly helped hunt down shoes that might work, put them back when they didn't, helped me put them on, and gave me the much-needed support for the otherwise depressing need to buy shoes. That was never a maternity clothes issue I knew about! Good grief. So now I have 3 versatile pairs of shoes: 1 nice pair for dress-up that are fairly slip-on, 1 pair of slip-on sandals, and 1 pair of tennis shoes to help get me moving/walking again. So far, the sandals are my favorite because they require the least amount of work! After all that hubby took me out for a nice dinner.

I'm returning to work after baby, to some degree, and we've been hunting for good daycares. We left a couple feeling okay but not really at peace about them. A couple of weeks ago I visited a place over lunch where I was in tears because I finally felt so very much at peace. They are having an open house this weekend and we are excited to have Tim be able to finally see it so that we can know for certain if this is the right place for our baby [though I'm 99.5% sure it is]. It will also be a huge relief to have this determined and behind us.

Thanks again for your prayers, friends!

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I'm glad the pieces are falling into place as you get closer to the big day! And woohoo for no diabetes!