Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm Learning A Lot These Days...

about dying to self.

about how my hard really isn't that hard.

about how much I'd stopped trusting the Lord and hadn't realized it.

about self-pity.

about reaching out when you need help.

about true humility.

about grace.

about depression.

about how crazy hard and yet how crazy amazing parenting is.

about how lonely motherhood is.

about compassion and empathy.

about spit ups, hard nights, and diapers.

about letting go of not being able to get anything done.

about just relaxing and enjoying my baby while he's still little and wants to be held because it will be over too soon.

about typing one-handed.

about knowing who my real friends are. [this has been a big one.]

about God's sovereignty.

about healing. slow healing.

about agonizing pain.

about nonstop crying.

about incomprehensible love.

about smiles, tiny toes, and adorable coos.

about baby head bumps, just the right hold, and how stepping outside can calm him faster than anything.

about hand sanitizer and watching loved ones love on my baby.

about newborns and sleep patterns and mohawks and screaming through baths.

about the goodness of God as I stare into little wide blue eyes.

about pacifiers and formula and bottles and unending hiccups.

about all of Elijah's little quirks.

about hormones and roller coaster emotions I didn't know were possible.

about weird postpartum stuff I didn't know existed.

about fibromyalgia post-pregnancy {oy!}.

about God loving Elijah even more than we do.

about Christ's sacrifice on the cross even for little Elijah.

about the sheer miracle that Elijah is and how we're still in awe that he's here.

we're so very much in love.


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

So positively thrilled for your baby blessing!

Future of Hope said...


Love, love, LOVE your hair!!!!!! So very cute.