Thursday, March 20, 2014

9 Months

Standing on tip-toes
Holding on to things
Pulling up on things a little bit
Loves older kids, especially girls
Gives baby kisses
Army crawls or scooches everywhere
Loves apples, pears, carrots, and squash the most.
Hates green beans and peas.
Enjoys being read to and trying to eat the book
Loves music
Loves to pull the bottle out of his mouth and squeeze the nipple so it'll squirt everywhere. This is super annoying.
Seems to slightly understand the word no, but we're working on this and have a long way to go to full understanding and obeying. 
Shakes his head back and forth in hilarious fashion.
Always catches the attention of people no matter where we go, we are blessed to constantly hear "oohhh he is so handsome [or cute or...]".
Is easily distracted if a girl walks by.
Arches his back and starts screaming if he doesn't want to do something we're trying to have him do. Oh boy, we are really seeing signs of his personality emerging, and we're in trouble!
Has started some stranger anxiety
Is really uncertain of some men
Doesn't like it when mommy leaves the room or leaves him somewhere. He's fine at daycare or church, but if I stay for a few minutes and then hug him again on my way out... that's when he cries and gets really upset. Or if I visit daycare over lunch and leave again without taking him with me... ohhhhhh boy.
He's started pulling the kids at daycare down if they're nearby and standing up but he isn't. It's so funny. It looks pretty harmless, like he's surprised when they fall down and get mad, like he didn't realize they'd fall or something. 
Still tries to eat anything - wires, electronics, paper, plastic, etc. No, we don't let him. ;) 
Hates when we take something from him
Still enjoys baths and the outdoors
Hates us wiping his nose or mouth
Has started being a little ticklish
Has the best giggle
Loves being carried facing forward so he can see the world and thrash his arms about with glee

We love you SOOOO much little buddy! We can hardly explain just how much. You've rocked our world, made our lives complete, challenged us to the core, exhausted us more than we ever knew possible, made me understand now what parenting with chronic illness is truly like (oy), and have made us happier than we could have ever dreamed. You are an incredible little boy and we are so blessed by you!! You are so much fun and such a delight. We praise God for you every single day!


Rachel Jones said...

He is SOOOO Stinkin cute!!!! cannot believe he is 9 months - craziness!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Yay!! It's nuts how fast it goes. Youre smart to record all his awesomeness like this!