Friday, March 28, 2014

The Winter That Won't Die

This has been an unusually harsh, cold, longggg winter for so many. 

I know for us here in Chicagoland, we have been wishing it away for a month or so. Even this typically-loves-Winter gal. Especially now that I bundle up and lug around a baby who hits the 75-90 percentile for both height and weight. 

Love my baby. Hate what the winter has done to his little body. He's been so sick since November. We had a decent reprieve for several weeks, but then he caught a cold that seemed to almost disappear just before getting his 3rd round of croup that he now has.

We are just so. very. over. Winter.

We desperately long for the beauty, fragrances, and allergens of good ol' Spring.

I'm not one for the heat of the Summer, but it certainly has a beauty and sweetness of its own. And for that, we long too. No more dry heat, running the humidifiers, dried out noses needing saline solution constantly, and no more sub-zero temperatures.

There is always something to savor about Chicago in the summertime.

And there's always the wind in your hair driving down Lake Shore Drive or savoring the smell of Lake Michigan. There's nothing quite the same to me as a view of Lake Michigan. It speaks home to me.

Oh the sunsets over that skyline. *swoon*

Or the good ol' Lincoln Park Zoo in the Summer heat when all the animals decide to hide too. {No, the pic below is not from Summer but Spring when we actually managed to just be driving around and the zoo was closed so we just took pics outside as we wandered around and took advantage of the free parking. Good times. Hilarious friends.}

Then comes Fall... and really, need I say more?! 

I simply adore the Midwest changing of the seasons, but really, go away Winter. We need to feel the sun's warmth again, get more fresh air and take long walks, and we are so very tired of snow. 

Disclaimer: These pictures are my own and are not to be used without permission.

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