Friday, April 11, 2014

Welcome Spring... finally!

Signs of Spring are finally starting to trickle in! Here are signs, as well as a few fun things, from around our house. In part, this post is to help cheer me up as we've been home-bound for the entirety of this week, save little walks around the block and a quick Target trip! I'm sick with an upper respiratory infection and Elijah had croup, then a cold, and now he has double pink eye. Not a fun way for us to start Spring. But we've enjoyed the fresh air through the open windows and are praying we are all well very soon!!

From our front window

The top of our living room bookshelf

Our entryway cabinet - it has to include a handmade card a friend gave us after Elijah was born! :)

New flags swaying in the breeze

Must not forget the candy dish and table decorations - dining room table

Kitchen table

Main bathroom

Just because it's a very cool-looking and sweet thank you card on my desk

And well... duh. He's just too cute to put this away even if it's from his daycare for Christmas!

So excited! And so glad this weather is warming up too!!

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