Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Months... {A Month Ago!}

Our little sweetheart turned 10 months on Easter. So yeah, this is well overdue. But I have to post it today, because he turns 11 months today!! Eek! More on that later today!

Elijah is a lot of fun and in a really exciting stage of his babyhood. He's learning, changing, growing, exploring, and making us laugh every moment of every day. He's incredible and we're insanely blessed to have him in our lives. We still can't believe it.

And while he has his moments...

...he really is such an extraordinary kid that we simply drop our jaws in awe at the great work of our Creator.

Elijah is learning: his name, what no and no touch really mean, how to pull himself up to standing, standing while maneuvering from one object (the recliner) to another object (the side table), walking while pushing an object (like a tall empty box), knowing when to switch toys from one hand to another when we are changing his clothes, and what eating cardboard is really like. Ahem. 

And because he's growing so fast, I have to show off those tiny toes before it's too late!

That smile melts our hearts into a puddle every time.

We've tried some table foods, but he's not a fan yet.

He'll get there when he's ready. For now, it's just fun to watch him feel the textures and get slowly used to the idea.

Happy 10 months... a month ago, baby!! We love you!

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