Wednesday, May 21, 2014

11 Months on 5/20/14

Elijah loves looking out our front door

He's standing up so big and strong!

He loves to be by mommy, and loves to pull himself up to her work chair whenever she's sitting there, or when she's not he likes to push it around the room while walking behind it. 

Oh how I love our boy's eyes

He's a smart cookie. Reaching for the plastic bag in our recycling bin through his baby gate

Standing and pushing around his chair/seat 

Just like many other babies, kitchen gadgets and boxes often beat toys

He thinks he's pretty funny. And he is. ;) He gets a kick out of making noises with his mouth.

If I sit on the floor to be near him, he immediately crawls over and pulls himself up on me. Which is super fun and sweet, so long as I'm not trying to do something. :)

The kid could find plastic in a haystack

But gratefully he's learning "no touch" and starting to react to it well without us having to distract him or move him away from the object. 

He's getting so good at walking along while pushing things... like my work chair. 

He is just seriously so much fun to watch! He can play well on his own for a while if he's in the right mood, and he loves to explore. 

He's figuring out what things can do. Like here he lightly hits the bowl and watches it spin in circles over and over until it comes to a stop. He thinks for a second and then hits it again, starting the process over. It's so incredible to just watch his little mind working and figuring things out!

Elijah Likes: 
Baby Genius videos
aquariums / fish
watching cars go by
walks in the stroller outside or at the mall
pushing up on some shorter items at the mall's playplace
being outside - he could do this constantly
older kids
being social
playing with his crib's keyboard
when we sneeze or hiccup 
when daddy gets home from work
his daycare
when mommy picks him up from daycare
shaking his head no
making funny faces
babbling or squealing, especially at his animals over his changing table
eating yogurt melts, Puffs, Cheerios, lunchmeat, applesauce, Gerber squash, carrots, & most fruits

Elijah Dislikes:
being alone
being sick
eating peas or avocados
when he can't have what he wants
wiping his face
getting his nose cleaned out
going to sleep on his own
sometimes when mommy leaves the room he'll throw a 2-year-old-size fit


We are so amazed at his sunny disposition and ability to go with the flow! He's a pretty chill guy and we couldn't love him more!! 

Next up - we'll have a ONE YEAR OLD!!!! EEK! How is that possible?!

**In the midst of these last photos, he's been fighting off "hand-foot-mouth disease" since Friday. That's why you see sores on his mouth and band-aids all over. Ugh. Please pray it's over soon! We are just so done with this sickness stuff!**

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