Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cool New Vehicle

Okay so my last several posts have been lengthy, intense, and kinda depressing. So let's change it up a bit. Time for you to check out this cool new vehicle by Honda.

As if Americans weren't already lazy enough. But whatever, it's really cool.

I want one.

Okay, probably not really, but a girl can dream, right? :)


Lynda Young said...! That's some futuristic crazy. LOL. Is it bad that I want one too? ;)

Rochelle said...

haha, nope! :)

sarah said...

just found your blog. My sister suffers from fibro...I think it was a result from abuse but not sure

Patrina said...

just followed you from Lynda's place. I know a lot - possibly myself, as well - who have Fibro. My experience is that Dr's spend a lot of their time power-tripping over themselves to make fun of those who have this unexplainable condition.

I've had Dr's laugh in my face and basically use me as their 'joke' for the day with their partners. It made them look more powerful while they called me stupid. Seriously!!

Now... about this new vehicle ---

I WANT ONE TOO!! That is so cool. I could see me and my grandkids having a ball with this!! Yep!! it's on my dream list for more FUN in my life :)

Thanks for sharing - I look forward to visiting often

God bless you this Mother's Day

Patrina <")>><
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