Monday, November 5, 2007

Today I'm encouraged by an email from my dad's friend's wife who was just diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancers. They have some answers now as to what their next steps should be.

I'm also very thankful that last week's insanity is now over. It's been a great week with a lot of friends and family in town... some people I haven't seen in years. Today is the last visitor in this short season of life. I'm feeling very thankful and very sad at the same time. They all came at once, some as a surprise, and now I wonder what the rest of the year will hold! These are people I miss very dearly throughout most of the year. It's neat that God brought them to me/us in this timeframe, but also sad that I won't get to see them again for a long time and that there wasn't a slight break between each visitor. Oh well, God is good and He knows what He's doing. I am not in control.

We had a very powerful sermon on Sunday about not worrying and just taking each day as it comes. I really struggle with that so it was the perfect message for me to hear.

Have a blessed day!

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