Monday, November 5, 2007

Today turned crazy

What a whirlwind today!! I saw my very good friend Sheryl after nearly two years, and it was such a blessing. I got to meet her daughter for the first time and it was really nice to see her as a mom. She fits the job perfectly! :)

Then I got some bad news. My mom arrived home safely after her weekend with us, but came home to find blood all over the garage. She checked to make sure my Grandpa was fine and he was, but then discovered her dog had been bleeding apparently for days. My grandpa is suffering from some dementia and wasn't thinking clearly so he didn't do anything about it. So now Bear is staying at the vets. Mom thinks she'll be okay but it's not certain yet. It appears that she was likely hit by a car, but there are some other possibilities too. I'll keep you posted. Bear is a part of the family so of course this is heartbreaking! :(

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