Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting slammed all at once

Have you had those weeks or months or years when you just feel like you are getting slammed with all sorts of stuff at once? We've felt that way over the past two years or so. The past month and a half since my diagnosis, we've definitely felt that way as we learn more, go to more doctors, get more bills, get more advice, research more, and get utterly overwhelmed with the onslaught of information. I feel like I'm on overload.

This past week has definitely felt like a big slam. See my post a couple down about last Wednesday and Thursday when I did all of that running around, nearly passed out at my chiropractor's, got my blood test, etc. Then on Thursday night I come home to two EOBs (explanation of benefits) from my health insurance. In one case they'd messed up sending a check for reimbursement to me for visiting the Minute Clinic at CVS Pharmacy in mid-Feb. Instead they sent the check to my doctor's office! Thankfully with a few phone calls that was sorted out. Then I also got one related to the "bad" chiropractor that I didn't like from a few weeks ago. They had told me the cost for the first two visits is $79. Part of why I went there was because it was so affordable (it included the cost of the 4 X-Rays). Then I get this EOB showing me that I owe nearly $150 to them!!!! I was livid. Plus after having a bad experience there, I was all kinds of unhappy. Needless to say, I had a long talk with their office manager and she was very kind and really listened to my concerns and deeply apologized. Then she said "don't worry about the bill, you don't need to pay anything". Wow. That was nice. Of course she tried to get me back and said some things the resonated with me a little. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do but I am tired of the extra drive to my other chiro 45 minutes north of here.

Anyway, then we drove to my hometown for mom's bridal shower (such fun!) but you know anytime you travel it wears on you at least a little. Well it wears on me a lot. My legs get really stiff and cramped, my back starts screaming after two hours in the car, and so on. Ugh. I used to love to travel!! So now I just put up with the irriations. Fibromyalgia is not going to get in my way of going to see my family!

Then I feel sick again on Monday. Long and for-girls-only explanation so I will reserve that information. Then on Tuesday I get home from work to find a letter from our city slamming us with a code violation we didn't even know existed!!!!! I was pretty miffed. It was about our Christmas decorations still being up on the outside of our house. Apparently they have a code that you have to take them down within 60 days. We've lived there for 5 Christmases now and have never heard of that code. We'd heard of it in other areas before so we looked it up on the city's web site a couple times but could never find a code about it, so we assumed they didn't have one. DOH! Then we get this letter and through much deeper searching, we did find it on their web site. Thankfully the code enforcement gives you time to take care of it before giving you a fine, citing you, taking you to court, etc. So immediately I called the number they gave me and since they were closed, I left a detailed message about what happened (we were just waiting for the snow to disappear and for warmer weather... this has been such a nasty winter!) and that it'd be taken care of right away. We had dinner with some of Tim's family that night, so we ended up taking the decorations down last night (Wed) after work. Tim's face and ears were frozen when he was done an hour later. We had to unbury Joseph from the pile of snow still left on the side of our driveway. He was all rusted. :( Boo. That was the last year for our Mary, Jesus, and Joseph... they will have to go now. So sad. But they gave us a good run.

Then this morning I was running a little late for work and I go to grab my water bottle out of the fridge and the top popped off and threw water all over the place, all over the floor, inside the fridge, etc. Ach! That was quite a mess to clean up but thankfully none of it landed on me.

In the scheme of things, none of this stuff is a huge deal. But when you already have plenty going on with health and such, it's hard to concentrate on those other things thrown at you. But God is good and I know He meant this all for our good. May He continue to mold and shape us into who He wants us to be.

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Julie V. said...


I think it's all the little things that knock us down the hardest- especially when its one right after another.

Keep looking up to Jesus for your source of strength, peace and refuge.

I pray that he will give you wisdom as you make medical decisions. It will come together one small step at a time.

Praying for you.

In Christ,