Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Lord of the Rings - Oh Yeah!

So you know I'm a total TV & movie geek. But did you know how very much of a The Lord of the Rings fan I am?!?

Okay, probably not. I admit I don't talk about that one much since it's basically in the past. However, I have to confess... I never saw any of them in the theatre.

:::hanging head in shame::: 

I didn't get it at first. I'd never read the books. I saw the movie promos and was creeped out by a bunch of bizarre and twisted looking creatures. Tim knew about it but not a whole lot.

Then, as we do for many movies, we wanted to know what all the hype was about so we could converse intelligently about it with the people around us. So we popped in The Fellowship of the Ring.

And I sat on the stinkin' edge of my seat the entire time. And gasped. And freaked out...loudly...when it was over.

I was so mad that it was actually over and it was at such an odd place! I didn't understand! Why would they cut it there?!?! How did a few hours already pass by?! And we didn't have the second one so I was going to have to be patient to learn what happens in the 2nd and 3rd ones?! I couldn't just start watching it! I was all in a tizzy! I remember we were in our little rented townhome and I am pretty sure I paced back and forth with my head in my hands, I just couldn't believe it.

I was hooked. Bizarre creatures and all...bring it on!

So... a few weeks ago, hubster & I went on a spontaneous movie night. As we found ourselves paying to go see a movie in the theatre inside the mall, I looked down near the cash register and saw a sign promoting this.

And I about fell over in total glee.

This is some serious business. I'm so excited to be going to this after work tonight!!!!!!

And ironically, my least favorite is the second one and it's Tim's favorite. So he won't be joining me for this one, but I do have a friend and 7 of her family & friends joining me. I'm so excited, it will be SO great! It's not ideal to have it on a Tuesday night, but how often will I ever get another chance to see it on the big screen?!

I'm trying not to think about how silly I'm being that something like this has me so stoked, but I just can't help it.


Christina T said...

Oh, there is nothing like seeing The Fellowship of the Ring (and the others) on the big screen. I hope you enjoy it! I remember when we saw the original Star Wars movies on the big screen in college. Even though I'd seen it several times on video it didn't beat the theater experience. I hope you have a fantastic time and that it lives up to your expectations! Will you go and see the Hobbit when it comes to theaters (I think next year)?

Rochelle said...

Thanks Christina! I had a LOT of fun!!! The 1st one is my absolute favorite, so it was really amazing to see it on the big screen. You're right, I remember seeing those Star Wars movies in theatres in college, wow!

Yes, I will definitely go see The Hobbit when it comes out! It's supposed to come out Dec 14, 2012 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0903624/. We're supposed to see a preview of it, but it didn't air last night, so maybe it will with the 3rd one, we'll see!