Thursday, March 6, 2008

Huge relief

It is a huge relief to have the events of the past two days finally over.

I left work a little early yesterday to drive 30 minutes to a chiropractor college where they had an X-Ray machine. I wanted to make copies of the X-Rays taken by the chiropractor I didn't like so that I wouldn't have to worry about having to go back there. So for $6 a copy (4 pages to copy) I now have my own copies of them. Whew. Then it was on to my husband's office, another 15 minutes, where I left my car overnight and rode with him.

Then it was on to the northern suburbs to my chiropractor, another 45 minutes of driving. You never can tell what traffic will be like so we gave ourselves extra time. We arrived 30 minutes early. So then we waited. I finally got in there and the chiropractor decided I was ready for more aggressive treatment. Eek. I didn't think I was and I guess my body also disagreed. He put this BioFreeze stuff up around my neck. It makes you really, really cold (I was shivering profusely) and apparently it also nearly made me faint and then later I thought I was going to throw up. It was very strange. The room was spinning the entire time. I'm so thankful Tim was there with me. He got me some water and they were both very patient as I tried to relax and determine exactly how I felt. Once they got me on my back, he took my blood pressure. I was feeling so weak I thought maybe it had dipped really low, but I know myself and when I get anxious my BP actually tends to sky-rocket ridiculously. Thankfully it was only slightly elevated. My heartrate was a bit too fast, but nothing crazy. So there wasn't anything to worry about there and he deemed my reaction was to the treatment. I still had to take it very slow leaving.

One hour later, we finally left and went to a nearby Subway so I could eat on the way home. I had to be done within a half hour before I needed to start fasting. I didn't get the entire sandwich down, but most of it. I was still shaky, cold, weak, and a little nauseous. I spent the rest of the evening watching a depressing, sappy movie from the comfort of my couch (I didn't know it was going to be like that, but still it was a good movie... it's the sequel to "The Christmas Shoes" which I love... called "The Christmas Blessing"... good by a tear-jerker for sure!).

I could feel my tummy growling the rest of the night. I had a terrible night of sleep. The racoons getting into our neighbors trash just outside our window didn't help matters. And I was nervous and on edge about the near-fainting. So I tossed and turned most of the night. We woke up at our regular time but without hitting snooze so much and we left home together about 20 minutes earlier than I normally would have.

We drove the 45 minutes to Tim's work (since it was earlier than usual it didn't take the usual hour drive). I got in my car and we both drove over to the clinic a few minutes away. Tim sat with me for 10 minutes until he had to go back to work (that was a tough goodbye because I was feeling pretty anxious!!). But once I got registered, settled, and back with the nurse I was fine. She talked me through the blood test and all was well. The incident from the night before is what had me on edge... I didn't want to faint when she drew the blood but I thought I might because of how weak I was feeling (hence why I really wanted Tim there). It went just fine and I left. I called Tim to let him know how it went and was on my way to work.

Instead of heading straight to work I dropped by Panera for some hot chocolate for me and bagels for the gang at work (at this point I hadn't eaten in 13 hours and was quite hungry!). Then I drove just past where I would turn for work to the chiro's where I got the X-Rays from... they have to be returned within 30 days or you have to pay $125 (yikes!). So I got them there a few days before the deadline and it was good to hand them over. But then they started yacking about why I should come back there and what not. I admitted to talking to other chiro's and they sounded like that's okay, you'll come back. HA! That nearly made me laugh... actually I think I did laugh. Well, anyway, that was done.

WHAT A RELIEF!!!! The blood test really should have happened weeks ago but couldn't for various reasons (weather, sick, on antibiotic, etc). It just never worked out until now. Getting all of that stuff done at once was rather stressful, but boy it's so great to have it all done and in one swoop! Yippee!

I'll let you know once I hear the results of the blood test, but I'm sure it'll come back normal just like all the others have.

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