Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In other news...

It's sad, but true. John McCain won the GOP nomination for president. Mike Huckabee graciously bowed out. I have great respect for Huckabee, his beliefs, his faith, and his perserverance. But now it's time to unite behind McCain and support him so we don't lose to the democrats (no matter which one it might be).

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In unrelated news, we were sad to hear about Chef Robert Irvine's lies to the Food Network. His show, Dinner Impossible, is one that we love to watch. We are always on the edge of our seats, waiting for him to finish prepare the next impossible meal. He's always up against some very interesting odds, but he always pulls through. It's sad to see him go (FN is not renewing his contract, although they will finish airing the remainder of the episodes airing now), but I'm glad the people at FN stood their ground. Despite his popularity, it was wrong to embellish his resume so extensively. See more here: and here:

I'm upset that he would lie like that, but it's such a good reminder to us that we are surrounded by sinners, and we can only be saved by a gracious Savior. It was an error, he sounds sorry, and I hope he can move forward with his life and learn from this rather large mistake. I wish him all the best in his next endeavor, may he work hard to change, may we all learn from this, and may God bring him to his knees... realizing his (Robert's) attempts to do life on his own are futile. No matter where we are in our lives, we all need Jesus Christ. He's there. He's waiting for you. All you have to do is ask.