Monday, December 29, 2008

Sick and more sick

Ughhh, I'm so tired of being sick and getting sick so easily and having it last so long. I do not understand. I feel like I do all the right things... take my One-a-day multi-vitamin, drink OJ, get vitamin C, wash my hand properly, etc, etc. I just hate that I get stuff so easily. Even in college I got started getting bronchitis every year. After we were married I had one episode of bronchitis and just seemingly never got better from then on. After that is when I developed bad allergies, but it was also when we were living in an apartment that had moisture issues in the winter around the windows... and all they did to fix it was paint over the moisture (grrr)... and in the past years I've had bronchitis a couple times, pneumonia, upper respiratory infection, sinusitis, etc. It is so frustrating, and it's gotten increasingly worse with Fibro.

So today as I rested up, worked from home, and tried with all my might not to cough up an entire lung... I tried to focus on God's promises. I know his grace and strength are sufficient for me, and that it's in my weakest point that he is strongest.

I feel the worst for Tim at this point. I know it's so hard for him to deal with this reality sometimes even more so than it is for me. It puts more pressure on him, more work on him, and more sacrifices on him. He is so kind and gracious usually, but I know it is wearing on him. God bless my husband and give him strength. Please watch over and guide him. Please keep us both focused on you.

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