Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things I Like Tuesdays

Okay, time to go out with the negative and in with the positive! It's Things I Like Tuesday!! This one is going to be my favorite things about Christmas 2008.

1. I like being with family over the holidays and all the familiar smells & tastes, like the smell of mom's homemade spaghetti sauce & meatballs and the taste of her homemade peanut brittle with chocolate.

2. I like the sound of kids playing, whether by themselves, with my husband, grandparents, or with their mom and dad.

3. I like seeing kids filled with glee opening their presents, seeing the joy on others faces as they open what we got them, getting my own groovy gifts, and getting to spend extra long time with lots of nieces and nephews.

Here mom is opening the ESV Study Bible we got for her

Here I am opening the weight loss materials mom bought me (yes they were on my wish list!)

Tim's favorite gift is the Bluetooth Headset so he can talk hands-free from his cell phone.
Thanks mom!

Above are the two wallets I helped my friend Monica make... we made Jeremi a green wallet and my mom a pink wallet, which turned out to match her PJ's exactly! I think we did good! Thanks Monica for teaching me how to sew, cut fabric, and allowing me to watch you put these together!

Cayley & Olivia just loved the play tiarra, clip-on earrings, rings, and bracelets we got them. I didn't even know the earrings were a part of the tiarra package, and Olivia kept calling it a Christmas miracle. She was sooo excited to have them!! They really hurt her ears having them on, but she really loved it.

With the money my dad gave me for Christmas, I bought a new wool coat, nice red scarf inspired by my dear friend Monica, soft black gloves that fit my wedding ring through without gouging a hole, and soft slippers that have hard bottoms so they don't have holes in the bottoms so fast like the last ones I had! I'm so excited! :)

Several of Tim's siblings went in on a gift for his mom - lawnmowing and leaf removal in the fall. She never has to do it herself again or make Kandy do it!

I just love my "sisters" and nieces! :)

4. I like spending time with extended family.

5. I like making gingerbread houses and sled-riding.

Sorry I got this up so late yesterday! For some reason this post with all these pictures was really difficult and hard to edit... it took a long time. But no worries, it's up now and I finally get to share Things I Like Tuesday with you!

Happy Tuesday and Happy New Year!

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