Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I Like Tuesdays

This week I've been concentrating on getting well. I've been pretty down and out, so this post is going to be a bit shorter...


I like cinnamon candles, especially in the winter. I'm picky about fragrances since so many can really bother my allergies (especially floral ones), so the cinnamon ones are my favorites all-year. But in the winter especially before Christmas, there's something even more special about them to me. It just fills the house with warmth.


I like hot apple cider. But usually only the kind my mom makes. And sometimes I won't even drink that unless I'm in a certain mood. And I love hot chocolate.


I like Christmas movies. I could play them over and over this month. They really help get me in the Christmas spirit, even if they aren't focusing on the real meaning of Christmas. In my heart, I know the real meaning of Christmas (Christ's birth) so any wintery/Christmasy movie will help get me in the mood, even the ones about the ridiculous Santa!


I like snow from a distance. I love watching it fall to the ground from the comfort of my home. I just hate to drive in it.


I like fires in the fireplace... er, in our case the wood-burning stove!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY TUESDAY - the 3rd to the last one before Christmas is here!!

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Christina said...

I love apple cider too! We only have it for a few months each year but I have been drinking one cup every evening for the past several weeks. It warms me up when I come in from the cold-a habit I developed from days at HC. Plus it has some vitamin C and other beneficial healthy things in it. I think...